Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Holiday Wreath 2010

Remember the garland wreath I posted back in November that I said I wanted to create. Well I did.

Okay so the main reason I wanted to create this wreath was because I can't have a wreath with any kind of glue on it - as anything hanging on my front door has the sun hit it and the sun melts it. Well...having a momentary brain lapse...I didn't quite think through that this wreath would have problems also. Any guesses what happened? Well I really don't need guesses as I am going to tell you. It melted. The mylar (assuming that is what garland is made out of) melted in the sun. It just kind of rolled up tight into itself. So this photo is thankfully a before photo. Although I should have probably taken an after photo too.

So backing up on how I made it....

I took a big embroidery hoop and wrapped garland around it. And then I took a smaller one and wrapped with the same garland. Looped some ribbon around each and then hung them so the little one was sitting in/on the larger one.

This photo is from the inside of my front door as the sun was so bright I couldn't get a good photo from outside without blinding myself - which should have given me a clue it was going to MELT! DUH!

Otherwise...I really liked this wreath. It was fun and festive. Very easy to create. And I still might make another for next year to hang in the dining room.

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