Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Out of Town Update

We left on Friday morning for Denver. It feels as though we have not rested though yet. For the first time in a year of using Airbourne, it is not working. We both were sick and now just feeling better. I think it felt like it was not restful was because we were sick and our time away has gone by so fast.

We had a couple days with Frank and JoAnne and then left for Michael's conference. It was also very hurried - it felt like - but with very good outcomes for him. One being he was given an award...the best of his field. So, all his hard work and efforts are noticed and appreciated so that was a wonderful thing. I am very proud of him and blessed to love such an amazing man.

Tomorrow I leave for my Girl's Weekend! I will be back Monday. I am very excited about seeing friends and having a fun with them.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Life Update

I can't believe it has been so long since I did a post. I thought I was keeping up with this good. Seems it slipped by me. I got a letter from my doctor and the area of cancerous mole has been completely removed. So that was some good news. But I do have to say this summer has been a hard one for me. I have had quite a bit of bad news and then add on top of it the health problems - just makes fall look so very good to me right now. I have been busy with art this summer though and that is a positive. Recently made a piece for one of my best was for her big 3-0 and then made another piece for my sister Michelle. They both were very happy with the pieces they received...that made me feel good.

The end of August we had some traveling but mostly for Michael's work. We went to Denver on Wednesday the 24th and stayed until Saturday. It was good to see Michael's parents, Frank and JoAnne, and then some friends of ours in the area but it was hard trip also as we just had so much to do in a short time.

On Thursday we were up early and off for the day. I hung out in Barnes & Noble while Michael went to his first meeting. I spent my time looking at cookbooks mostly. I saw a few that would make very good gifts. I bought a Starbucks coffee - first one I have ever purchased for myself. I had no idea what Michael usually gets for me so guessed. It turned out good, but I know it was not what he usually gets me. Michael had to leave his meeting before it was done so that we could get on the road to his next destination. He taught a class that afternoon. While he was doing his session, I had tea with a very good friend that I wish I could see more. The tea was marvelous.

It was a complete girly tea....table linens, beautiful tea cups/saucers, little plates, a pedestal filled with delectable treats....including mini quiches, little cucumber sandwiches, mini cream puffs, cranberry scones. Everything was so wonderful. I ate far to much, but I just could not contain myself with all the wonderful treats set before my eyes. I am not a big tea drinker. I have never found a tea that just makes me want it more. I did like it with the milk and sugar. And I am now eager to try some more. After tea, we sat and talked and talked. She is a dear friend and I appreciated her listening!

Michael then joined us and her husband for dinner. Before dinner we got the tour of their wonderful home. They have been doing some remodeling and it looks so good. Michael even admitted he liked the Eggplant color...which I thought might be a hard sell for him. Dinner was fairly short for us all...Michael was tired and all of us had a busy day ahead of us on Friday.

On Friday I had to go with Michael to his office to help him film. The filming went good but the office time was not all that great. Michael did great though with the work he did. Friday evening we had a good dinner with Frank and JoAnne. It seemed like we had just got there and not had much time to spend with them. Saturday morning we had a late brunch...more like a breakfast at lunch time before heading home. After arriving home Michael picked up some Chinese take out for dinner - it makes my whole world better! And then spent the rest of the weekend trying to unwind from our busy quick trip.

Since being home I have been cleaning and taking it easy. I wanted to do a little art but just have not had the brain power for it but think I might try to do something tonight. We went to Michael's Crafts today. Frank and JoAnne gave me a gift card and so I used it up today buying quite a bit of cardstock, a puzzle piece punch, paint brushes, and metal eyelets. It was really nice of Frank and JoAnne to give me the gift card - they are always so thoughtful. And I know I will enjoy all the goodies I got with it today.

Pictures of the Cats

I have a longer post started....but wanted to just post a couple of kitty cat pictures!

Cheesie taking a snooze on the couch...saying "do you have to take a picture NOW."

Caesar sunning in the doorway....