Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Pass it On.....Please

This is not a hoax:

Please take 30 seconds, go to the Bristol-Meyers Squibb (BMS--a drug company) site below and light a candle -- the company will donate $1 towards AIDS/HIV research...

By going to this web site and "lighting" a candle you can help raise MILLIONS of dollars for HIV+ / AIDS organizations around the world. This is at NO COST TO YOU! Bristol-Meyers Squibb has capped the donation at $100,000 but each candle is a show of force.

It's as easy as 1-2-3. Simply …
1) go to the site - it will start with an ad for 'Reyataz', a drug
2) wait for it to load an animation which forms the continents of the World
3) click on a continent to "light a candle". You will be asked to which you want to dedicate your candle: strength, hope, health, love....

For EVERY candle lit BMS will donate one dollar. The donation will be made on World AIDS Day, December 1st. The event will be televised on the TODAY Show (NBC).

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Fattigmanns made it to the WWW

I am going take a wild guess and say that Pillsbury decided to put a Fattigmanns recipe in a holiday cookbook last year. You know those cookbooks...the ones on the supermarket check out lane...the kind that my Mom has tons of....and that I also really enjoy. I am going to say it came out last year thus appearing on the world wide web after Christmas last year. As I remember doing a search for Fattigmann recipe last year and only coming up links to Norwegian type sites (ie: Sons of Norway). But this year I did a search and it came up all over the place but all referencing Pillsbury. And they called them Fried Diamond Twists Fattigmanns Bakkels.

So wondering if I should try to make them again this year. Last year the altitude won the war on baking them. They tasted good but they did not look like a traditional Fattigmann. Although they tasted good...they will never be as good as my Grandma's...hers are always the best.

Links to Share....

Just sharing some links.....

It is from Diabetic gourmet. They send daily recipes. I am not diabetic but I get them because I watch sugar intakes and often the recipes are just over all healthy.

Esty - a place to buy and sell all things handmade. A wonderful artist I know just started listing there. I had never heard of them before. Oh also his lovely partner has a beautiful assemblage listed on Ebay. And I am thinking of maybe listing some things on Esty...eventually.

The Daily Digest of Arts, Culture and

The Collage is fun! Make your own collages. I just wish I had the pieces come together like that on real paper in front of me.

Friday, November 04, 2005

A Mouse in the House?

Okay so Michael left to go out of town yesterday afternoon. He will be back later this evening.

I am doing some art last night and needed a bottle of water.....I come out of my room heading towards the kitchen when I see....Caesar our male cat sitting in the kitchen with his head in the space between the dishwasher and fridge. My heart I know what this means and of course Michael is out of town!

Yes, folks, I think there is another mouse in our house. Our female cat Chessie had been acting a little odd for a few days but she at times is just a little odd. But seeing our male cat as I did last night pretty much guarantees there is a mouse in the house because he is the type of cat that until he sees it even if he can smell it - he won't go after it. It is waste of his time.

Needless to say I did not get much sleep last night.

But on the other hand....I do have to say I am much calmer then I was last year. But of course I have not seen the mouse -- so that might change if I do.

I told Michael about it in a phone call this morning. I think he envisions coming home to me sitting on the middle of the bed -- having been there all day. But so far I have been very productive in my day.