Saturday, December 19, 2009

What's that you hear?

It was the week before Christmas,
And all through the house,
Ribbons, boxes scattered like a madhouse.
The girl has been bustling to the point of despair,
In hopes to reach the post office with moments to spare.

Packages and treats and wondrous spreads
All await their delivery down everyone's homesteads.
So maybe today we can sneak in a catnap,
But not before realizing everything has been ASAP.

So if you've been wondering where we've been,
And why we've been out of sight,
We haven't gone anywhere,
Just staying up late every night.

Nothing is wrong,
We haven't forgotten,
The things that we've done
Simply made us exhausted.

Soon it will be Christmas and we will be rolling,
We just hope for good weather and wind that's not blowing.
But we'll be back here with updates and glee,
To tell you our tales and things that go squee!

And if we don't get a chance to wish you cheer before then,
Let the wishes of safe journeys be spread for everyone, amen.
May you have a wondrous and happy holiday,
And we'll be back to blogging again soon - someday.

Happy Holidays everyone!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Bah Humbug

I know I haven't done a gratitude list in a few weeks. Michael's parents were here the 4th and then 11th we were in Denver. I have been going non-stop for weeks and weeks and don't see it stopping until after the holiday.

I am really actually quite down this year. I didn't get a holiday - not a normal one. Things got kind of messed up since when we were in Denver in November. I just haven't had much rest and time to do my usual holiday prep. By now I normally have had presents done, mailed or close to mailing, cards mailed out, house decorated, tree up and decorated, cookies baked, candies made and so on...the only thing done completely on that list is house is decorated. Everything else has things to do still. Some of the holiday cards are out but we didn't have enough stamps so the rest are sitting here waiting for stamps. I haven't made any of my presents but got all the supplies today while we were out. I have not baked anything. Our tree isn't up and I don't see that happening until the weekend. I usually have watched Miracle on 34th Street about 10 times by now but hasn't even been popped in the DVD player yet.

So it isn't our normal Christmas and I am down about it the holiday. I don't feel like we have been home much lately. At least just home to enjoy the holidays and get that Christmas spirit. Usually I am always the one with the holiday spirit...not this year. Someone please find a little extra and pass it my way please?

I need to get back to work on my endless list...and hopefully I will see some positives before Friday's gratitude posting.

Monday, December 07, 2009

Just Rolling By....

* celebrated Michael's 40th birthday this weekend with his parents. It was nice. Made him a maple butterscotch cake that turned out perfect in the new oven.

* Saw New Moon this weekend - I liked it a lot more than Twilight.

* I lent Michael's Mom my Twilight book. She has seen the movie but not read any of the books. I am guessing will want to see the movie again after reading the book.) It was kind of cute how excited she was to see New Moon.

* We go to Denver this week - leave Wednesday won't be back until Saturday.

* I am so behind on all my holiday things this year and it is really annoying me.

* I finished An Echo in the Bone - the 7th book in the Outlander series...and it left me wondering when book 8 will be out. It frustrated me at times. I love Jamie & Claire and Roger & Brianna so I was eager to keep moving through the book. And it had surprises for me that I never thought I would it was very good over all. But I want book 8 NOW! (imagine me stamping my feet like a four year old.)

* I doubt I will be reading much more until after the holidays as I am just so behind on everything. But I did pass my total for last year on reading. I am at 130 right now. I have 2 books I am reading now that I will finish before the new year I am sure so it will probably end at 132.

That is about it for now. Doubt I will be able to update again until after we get back from Denver.