Saturday, July 15, 2006

Storage Unit....

This morning was busy. The last few days have been busy.

I went through all our closets and pulled out bins and boxes of stuff that could go to the storage unit. We have been running out of space ever since I moved in but especially after moving my computer into my art studio. It took a lot of rearranging. So this morning we got up fairly early - picked up a truck to load everything and then unloaded it all at the storage unit. Picking up, loading, unloading and dropping the truck back off took us 3 hours. Michael said I rocked on having everything so organized and ready. But if you would take a look at our house right now...I think it would be hard to tell I was organized. I pulled everything out of all the closets in the house. And because there is a lot more room now I am reorganizing them so I left things out - so it pretty much looks like a tornado set down in our living room.

So the rest of the afternoon has been spent relaxing. I will need to do some work in a bit here so that we have places to sit in the living room this evening. But next week I will kick ass and get it all organized. I am thrilled to have more room so that I can truly put things away without opening up a closet or cupboard and having things spill out.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Great Trip!

We just got home....from Wyoming.

I am not sure I can even explain how great it was....people, conversations, networking, just our work in general - all of it was great! We were surrounded by some very famous, articulate people in their field. Everyone was so nice to us. I was really getting nervous on our way up. I was letting - "they all will be so much smarter" type of think get to me. And of course that was not the case at all. They all were passionate, intelligent people who made anyone in their presence feel at home. And I not only understood what they were talking about always but felt that passion they have stir in up inside. And also both of the classes we attended to film were so good! I learned a lot and many of my thoughts about the field were confirmed.

We went to dinner with all the presenters at the conference and it was so nice! Michael and I had such a nice evening. People, food, conversations and laughter were out of this world! One person was sitting diagonally across from me and he leaned forward in his chair at the table and said, "So Darby tell me all about yourself?" Now of course I am having the "I should have said syndrome"...thinking back and thinking of all I should have said. But I am proud because I said something that I have trouble at times saying out loud...and I said it to him without stumbling and no hesitation...just clear and confident. I said to him, "I am an artist." We talked about my art and he was sincerely interested. He is an extremely soothing person to be around. He just....has this very zen quality about him.

Anyway, our trip was a great success! And now we have a ton of thank you notes to get out because we really do have to thank so many people for making it happen. Tonight is Project Runway but I might not get a chance to watch it tonight so hopefully first thing tomorrow.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Kitty Cat Pictures Again!

I was chatting with a friend on the phone the other day and as I was walking through the living room I spotted Chessie. She decided she would take a stab at exercising. As I told Michael it is good someone is using the exercise bike.

Caesar of course looking at Chessie like how did you get over always find the good spots. He was being a Jelly Belly and she just looking up at him all smug!