Friday, May 20, 2005

Domestic Bliss

Michael just bought me a KitchenAid! I have wanted one for a long time, but just kept putting off getting one. But tonight when I showed Michael the deal on them he told me to get his credit card! Yay yay! I am a lucky girl!

If you were thinking of getting one, Amazon has a great deal on them right now. Plus add in their special promotional code for kitchen and housewares.

Yay Me...doing a domestic bliss dance!

Monday, May 16, 2005

Life Update

Friday - Michael had the day off. I made bran muffins for breakfast. They were really good and brought back good memories of Mom making them. After breakfast, we actually went back to bed. It was such a nice nap! We spent the afternoon running around doing errands - haircuts, paid bills, lunch, Target, Borders and home. Michael bought a new shelving unit for the laundry room and then he bought me some art supplies and 2 magazines! We took a drive before heading home. I grilled hamburgers for dinner and then we watched The Phantom of the Opera. Made a run to the grocery store....I had a woman be kind of rude to me in the store.

The Phantom of the Opera was GREAT! I loved it. I have been playing The Phantom of the Opera CD (Original 1986 London Cast) - with Sarah Brightman over and over today. And Michael is getting me the movie soundtrack as well! It is a movie that I want to watch again soon and over and over again too.

Saturday - We did things around the house. I had to color my hair as I was seeing too much gray. I hate that this year has been the year of gray appearing for me.

Sunday - Mid-week Michael said something about surprising his family. It was his niece's birthday and the family was celebrating on Sunday - so Michael decided since we had the time to get over there have a few hours with them and head back - that we should go. Everyone was very surprised, but happy to see us! And it was nice to see them. We spent 8 hours (4 hours there/4 hours back) in the car and 2 1/2 hours at the party. It was a nice day though. Except my allergies spiked up really high -- I could barely see. I wore sunglasses all day -- even until we got home at 10:30pm. All the lights on the road were even hurting my eyes.

Something I love about days like Sunday is we laughed. We have been doing that a lot actually lately. We made each other laugh and smile. It is those simple moments that I really treasure. Sunday had many moments like that.

Today - I have been cleaning while listening to The Phantom of the Opera CD. It is so good!

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Life Update

Friday - Was Pizza and Movie night. I made a honey wheat crust that was pretty good but still having issues with pizza dough and altitude. While we watched Spiderman 2, I organized collage items. I cut and tore out items in ads, magazines, and junk mail -- then sorted them into plastic envelope type thingies. I found some luscious papers and such in my wine magazine. While going through junk mail, I found a Lowe's gift card. It was $10 off a $25 purchase. I showed it to Michael right away as it expired on May 1. He said, "what will we get there?" I listed a few things we needed and He said, "okay" - so we put that on the schedule for Saturday.

Saturday - I woke up with a note from Michael saying he went to grab breakfast for us! That was so nice! We had breakfast and then got ready to go out for the day. We spent 3 hours in Lowe's..yes 3 hours....and my did we find things. We left spending quite a bit. Oh, I was in heaven in Lowe's for collage supplies...paint chips are my friend. I also found some tack cloth that I am going to use in a painting...gluing it to the canvas before I paint it After that we ran home to have some lunch and then back out. On to Home Depot to find the other things we could not find at Lowe's -- and then on to Pet SMART. We needed kitty cat food. They had all sorts of cats in cages at the front for adoption. We saw 2 that looked like Caesar. They were so cute. Michael of course made friends with them all. I made one of Michael's favorite for dinner Beef Stroganoff and then we watched another movie.

Today - I woke up with a note saying Happy Anniversary as we have been together 2 years 3 months today. We made breakfast together and then I did art stuff. Going back to do more now.