Monday, October 24, 2005

Some random tidbits of life....

    This month I was very busy and it seems like that is coming to an end - at least for this project. So now I need to get busy on Michael's website which actually the design is already started and the coding is too. I also need to get busy on Christmas cards and presents.

  • I was going to get my own domain name with my name in it and so I did a search on a few weeks ago and it came up available. Last week Michael was going to go buy it for me and it ended up not being there. So that does not mean good things about godaddy to me. So now I am back to trying to figure out a domain name or just getting a subdomain on Michael's site.

  • It was my birthday last week and I was dreading turning 38. I did the same thing when I was 28. (2 years from big 30 and now 40.) I was depressed and didn't want to celebrate. And this year was kind of the same. I had told Michael a few weeks before my birthday that I wished I could just be a little girl again and so that is exactly what he created for me. After talking to my Mom on my birthday, he had me cover my eyes and led me into the dining room. There he had set the table with little kid happy birthday paper table cloth, paper plates, cups and then presents wrapped in little kid wrapping paper. It was very cute and a lot of fun!

    Michael gave me much art goodness! Ultrecht had canvas' onsale a few weeks ago and so he ordered me 19 of them and they arrived on my birthday. He also gave me a several collages packs. Plus a bunch of other fun stuff.

  • I received some gift certificates to Michael's Arts and Crafts from Mom and Dad and so I went and spent some of those yesterday too. So I am really stocked with lots of exciting materials to use. It is my hope to get in there and create some things this week. I also added the piece I did for my sister April's birthday to my Art Blog.

  • I have been hooked on tea lately. Tazo Chai Black Tea is very good. It has cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, black pepper and other ingredients that make it not only taste great but smell incredible.

  • We had a new wine from Carlson Vineyards the other night. It was their new Laughing Cat label and it was Sweet Baby Red. It was not too sweet and really a great dinner wine. I had made chicken, rice and vegetables and it really complimented the meal nicely. I have a recipe for Red Wine Risotto I think it would be really good in also.

  • Michael had me go to the Doctor's office to just get a check on my blood pressure and it is going down! It was really great compared to the scare I had at the beginning of the month with it. Both he and I were really happy it is going down.

Friday, October 14, 2005

The last few months

What a fall it’s turned out to be!! I know a lot has happened that I haven’t really blogged about, but it’s been a very busy end of summer/start of fall period of time.

We managed to make it to Conference with nice colds – the yucky crud that it was. Since we were close to 9500 feet up there, let’s just say that it provoked the symptoms to a new level of misery. Still, we survived and I had the privilege of getting an honor of being Investigator of the Year – the highest achievement I could’ve received. Needless to say, I was humbled and honored. It’s still a little challenging for me to say that I was investigator of the year – because I know there are so many other deserving investigators.

In other news, my sister is participating in an arts & crafts show this weekend where some of my photographs will be up for sale.. Needless to say I’m a bit nervous even though everyone has said that the photographs are incredible.. As soon as Darby is finished with her current web design project, we’re going to get cranking on a new design for my site: Reflecting Time. I’m excited about this prospect and since this latest project is a clear indication of the path I’m going, it’s looking like the business maybe starting to take flight on its own – without me! *laughs* Still, it’s exciting, a bit nerve-racking and just nervous in general.. Still, I have faith – and when it appears that I carry a talent with it – then I’m inclined to believe that it’s the right path…

Last weekend, my folks not only helped out with the assembling of my photographic prints, but we took them on the now famous “Loop ride” covering 265 miles all along the western central part of the state.. We were gone for about 9 ½ hours and during that time we saw some of the most incredible scenery around.. Here is just a sampling:

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Fall Catch Up

Well obviously time has slipped away from me again as I haven't updated in a while. I have just been very busy with work and other appointments going on as well. The "girls" trip was a lot of fun. The only problems were hang ups at the airport. I wouldn't mind ever going into O'Hare again.

This past weekend Michael's parents, Frank and JoAnne, were here. We had a really exceptional weekend. Friday we spent the day running errands. We went to lunch, then to pick up some wine from our favorite winery. They have a lot of new kinds out so it was hard to chose. We ended up getting our favorite FatCat Musecat and then they have a new label called Laughing Cat and we got the Sweet Baby Red from that. Maybe we will save them for my birthday.

After the winery - later that evening we went to buy frames and mats for some photos. Michael's sister is going to be doing some Art and Craft shows and offered to put up some of his photos. Michael and I were really in sync on communicating that night and I think we had our own little language going on. We knew what we were looking for and what we wanted without having to use very many words with each other.

Friday Morning I had a doctor's appointment and had a little bit of a scare. My blood pressure was extremely high. And so they had me stay and just try to relax (which of course was hard when I was so upset that it was high) so that they could retake it and see if it came down. It did but not as much as my doctor would have liked so she put me on BP medicine. I am not thrilled about that but it guess it is better then having it so high.

Saturday we went on a day trip and I do mean a day trip - a full day. We went on the Gateway Loop as I call it - I am sure Michael might have another name for it. It was a GREAT day! We had a marvelous time! Michael and his parents took tons of pictures. There are some areas on the loop that are not very good for parking the car so we took our walkie talkies and I dropped them all off to take picture and went and parked elsewhere while they took pictures. And then after they were done they would call me and I would come pick them up. It worked out good.

In Gateway, they now have resort...well kind of resort. It is almost a little village. It has a BEAUTIFUL hotel, several restaurants, a grocery store, a gift shop, and then they are adding an auto museum and several other things. The architecture and landscaping reminded me of Santa Fe so much...and made me miss it even more.

The loop has every type of terrain....from desert where you see red dirt, catcus and red desert mountains to mountains that look like the Swiss alps with snow on the tops, rocky rivers, fall colors, deer and elk. We had sunshine and were comfortable in short sleeves and then by the second leg of the trip it was raining and we were bundled up in sweatshirts and coats. But it all was so beautiful.

Sunday we worked Michael's parents. We had a whole team effort in framing the pictures. Michael cleaned the glass and put the pictures together. Mom was quality inspection and handing Michael photos and mats. Dad installed the hardware on the backs to hang them. And then I touched up a few frames and then made up all the labels, signs and business cards. After working all day we had dinner at the Rockslide Brewery.

This week I have been working on websites - yes multiple sites right now. But it is all coming together very well and I am happy about that. I was very nervous that the one site would not be done by the deadline but it is coming together just right. (feel like I should knock on some wood as I say that.)

Today is one of my Grandma's birthday's! And then Saturday was the other. I hope they both have/had wonderful birthday's.

I better get back to work. I will ask Michael to post some pictures of the day trip tonight.