Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Watch out for Scrubbing Bubbles....

I am a klutz at times. This morning I was cleaning the bathroom. I sprayed the shower with scrubbing bubbles and went away at scrubbing it. There is this one pesky spot so I decided to spray it again. My hands were wet and I went to pull the lid off and it popped off and smacked me in the face. It cut into my I have a split lip...puffy and bleeding. It felt like someone gave me a punch to my mouth. At the time Michael was making us omelets and he could see me standing looking into the mirror in the bathroom. I turned and told him what happened. He laughed and said people are going to think I punched you....Because this story is just so unbelievable that you got a split lip from a can of Scrubbing Bubbles.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Snow Day

Michael had a meeting this morning so he woke me up to tell me to there is lots of snow on the ground. We actually had to dig out the shovel (one of like 3 times I think we have ever used it since I lived here - 4 years). On top of that I had a migraine and sinus headache going on all at once. It has been an exciting morning (yes there is sarcam in my voice).

It was one of those mornings where....things just weren't going very smoothly but all in all it could have been worse. It just seemed like a comedy of errors where couldn't find anything on the first try this morning.

Making chili today since is cold. And probably some homemade bread.

Really want to go back to bed. But Michael just called he is on his way home so I will go out and make sure he has a clear path in as it is still snowing.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Campbell's Giving Food to Food Banks

Campbell's soup is going to donate cans of soup to food banks based on the number of votes received for each NFL team. You can vote once a day so please, pass this one please.

Just go to every day!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Please help Fight AIDS....with just a click

Bristol Myers Squibb will donate one dollar (up to a max of $100,000) for every person who goes to their Web site and lights a candle to fight AIDS. At this point, the counter is just over 70,300 ... so we need many more candles lit before World AIDS Day (on Dec. 1).

Please go to Light to Unite to light a candle ... and help spread the light.

Pass this along to others as well! Thank you!

Friday, November 17, 2006

Friday Gratitude

~ That the one and only migraine I had this week went away quickly.
~ Next step for my art - about to happen - setting up my Etsy shop
~ COOKIES! We picked up some very yummy cookies at the bakery!
~ Tea - it is cold out and it warms me up.
~ Thoughts of Christmas coming makes me happy to think about all the time Michael and I will have this year to REALLY enjoy the season!
~ 2 new recipes I tried this week that were easy and quick and both Michael and I liked them.
~ Aveeno lotion as my skin is so dry lately and it makes me feel much better!
~ Pumpkin Cheesecake we had at the Pufferbelly today.
~ The new rubberstamp Michael bought me...Thank you for spoiling me!
~ I am grateful that 4 years ago today Michael and I started getting to know each other. I love you Michael!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

November is halfway done already??

Man where does the time go?

It's already the middle part of November, Thanksgiving is but a stones-throw away, and yet everything just seems like it's moving along at a rapid click.. The knee has its up and down days. Insurance alternatives are dragging their heels - which - doesn't improve one's demeanor any. Still, the knee is generally doing better than it has been.

Business wise it has been very busy. The funny part is - while I had it all planned out to do video-work, my demands have been anything but video. Someone asked me what I've been doing and I replied: "oh, a webdesigner, an investigator, a consultant, a computer assistant, a photographer...." But no video work as of yet. I'm not really concerned yet though - because the knee has hindered that arena somewhat. If I was more mobile - I would be aggressively marketing, going out and meeting folks to let them know I'm out here. As November winds down, I'm also gearing up to figure out the best approach for the upcoming wedding season for 2007. The business stuff I have now is GREAT, but it would be nice to get back into video work.

I still have demo-related material to put together, but finding time in between this that and the other has proven to be a little tricky lately. Not that the holiday season is going to interrupt that any. (rolls eyes)

My folks came over from Denver a couple of weeks ago to put our swamp cooler to bed for the season. We're very grateful they came over and helped with that nagging project. We should be set for the rest of the year. It was a great visit and we're glad they spent an extra day just to doodle around with us.

We haven't gotten to do a lot of traveling in the last few weeks - mainly because we put so many miles on for our trek up to North Dakota and back. Plus the fact I think we were about "traveled out" after that. We did do a day trip up over Douglas Pass though and made a good day out of it. Believe it or not - it doesn't impede the business much - as I'm able to work after we get home, sometimes late into the night without falling behind.

But if anything substantially positive has happened since my departure from the state - it's been my state of mind. I'm much more relaxed now, a lot less stressed, and I'm actually enjoying waking up each day and looking forward to how the day turns out. A far cry from waking up and beginning the drumming routine of eat, work, work work, eat, home, sleep. The hours are controlled, the pace in which we do things are controlled and we're making it happen -- and that's the great thing. :)

Just being able to spend more time with Darby has been a godsend. She's had it rough being around me the past three years and now that I'm out of that mess - we're finally able to start enjoying together time again. One doesn't always see the bad things we do to one another until we're free of them. She stayed true by my side during the whole time and I'll never forget that.

I am thankful in so many ways this year. (I love you honey!)

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


We got this catalog a few weeks ago and truth be told although I love catalogs/magazines I hadn't a chance to look at it. One reason it was made out in Michael's name which usually means computer, video, photography, or random geek stuff. But tonight I was watching water boil (literally - as I was making dinner) and saw that catalog sticking out from his pile of junk mail so I pulled it out and looked at it...

Oh I am so glad I did...

Syracuse Cultural Workers: TOOL FOR CHANGE

It cards, buttons, calendars, posters, totes, bookmakers, t-shirts all geared to making changes for better a better world.....bring peace to all.

Some of the quotes used:

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world." ~ Margaret Mead

"Paper crane, I will write peace on your wings and you will fly all over the world." ~ Sadako Sasaki

"Guardians...I swear I will not dishonor my soul with hatred, but offer myself humbly as a guardian of nature, as a healer of misery, as a messenger of wonder , as an architect of peace." ~ Diane Ackerman

It is definitely a place I want to buy from!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Relaxing, Nice Saturday....

Today was a really nice day despite waking up with a migraine. I ate and took some meds and soon was feeling better. After I got ready to go, we did some errands and then went to three wineries. We were out of wine and with the holidays coming up we would need to have a few good bottles on hand.

We both really wish the meadery here would ship out of state because we have some friends that we think would really enjoy it. Michael and I noticed as we did some wine tasting that our tastes are growing and changing. We were pretty much sweet wines or mild blush type wines before and now we are actually liking dry wines. Really every wine we tried today we enjoyed and they were the full spectrum. And we bought a full spectrum too.

So we watched a movie tonight -- just have enjoyed spending all day together!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Friday Gratitude

~ A nice dinner with Michael's sister and brother-in-law tonight. It was very nice having dinner with them.
~ Seeing a friend tonight when we were out and about. She did something very sweet for us.
~ The nice day we had with our friends on Sunday.
~ The elections happened and maybe with some new people there we will have some positive changes
~ Music...I have been enjoying a lot of music this week and am thankful to the creative people out there that bring joy in the form of music
~ Thankful for money and gift certificates I received so that I could make several purchases in Michael's Arts and Crafts for art supplies.
~ The quality time Michael and I are enjoying with him working from home now. It is just nice to have breakfast together not as he rushed out the door to get to work. That we can just got do things in the middle of the day if want....just because we want to spend time together.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Presents for the Kitty Cats!

I showed off the beautiful and oh SO warm knitted socks my friend K made me for my birthday, but I didn't get to show off the presents she made the cats! She made 2 knitted yarn mice stuffed with nip. Thank you so much K! That was so sweet of you!

Both our cats love toys but Caesar our golden cat has a few that are as we call them....his "babies." He brings them to us to play. No not really that he wants to play long but he just wants to say, "hey here is my toy I played did you see me." Well the yarn mice can now be counted as his babies. Usually what will happen is one of his babies with be in the office or the living room and during the day and then during the night when of course he wants to play he will bring them into the bedroom trying to wake us to play. He meows quite loud at times and has woken me.

I haven't been able to capture him playing with one of the yarn mice yet because of course when he is I go to get the camera and by the time I get back him he is done.

Chessie our little girl cat decided while we were watching CNN the other night to play. And I happened to have the camera right next to me! So all the pictures in this post with the yarn mice are Chessie.

And this is with the other yarn mouse.
Now she is too tired to play anymore.
I wish I would have got the camera turned on fast enough but she had her head resting over the yarn mouse while she slept. And of course when she heard me turn the camera on she popped her head up and gave me a dirty look.
And of course I need one of Caesar. He was lying on a blanket between us while we watched election coverage on CNN. He never like Michael and I sitting next to each other - he has to be in the middle.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Voting Day!

Just a quickie...

Today we voted. Our new voter machines were pretty slick. But I am sure still have faults. But as you voted on the screen it printed out on paper right next to you so you could see it. It was a longer wait as they have to do more upfront to get you ready to actually vote.

We had dinner tonight and then have been snuggled up on the couch glued to CNN. I am just so disappointed in all the votes against domestic partnerships and the vote for making marriage one man and one woman here in Colorado. But I guess I shouldn't be surprised when we have some very big name political-religious groups here that are SO anti-homosexual.

To me God is love. I don't believe God would be rallying against love like those say they are God's followers do. Makes me sad.

Although I am sad and disappointed we do have some good things happening such as taking the majority in the HOUSE!

We are waiting now on the senate race.

Virgina wow...close so close! It looks like it will go to Webb (lets hope).
Missouri still waiting on.
Montana still waiting on.

Back to CNN, Michael and the kitty cats all snuggled up on the couch.

Monday, November 06, 2006


It is election day tomorrow. Yesterday before heading to some friend's house Michael read the Analysis of the 2006 Ballot Proposals - the Blue Book of the Elections while I was getting a cake together to bring with us to our friends. I was confused on a few things that were coming up to vote on. But there were a few sections that annoyed me of course too.

Domestic Partnerships
The mail ads I have getting for domestic partnership make it really confusing for me. The ads come for a group I tend to usually agree with but the ads kept saying "It's not marriage." And that bothered me. I understand why they were putting it that way. So that maybe those that don't want those of the same sex to get married will at least give same-sex couples domestic partnership. But just like New Jersey - it isn't marriage. And it bothers me that people won't let those that want to get married - get married. So Michael read me the actual referendum and then the pros and cons they print. And of course the cons...and well the pros also did a little too because of just how they worded things. One of the cons that annoyed me......

"Domestic partnerships diminish the significance of marriage for society by reducing marriage to a list of benefits and responsibilities. The benefits given to married couples are intended to support child rearing by one man and one woman. The state has an interest in restricting recognition and legal protection to these married couples to provide stability for the individuals, their families and the broader community."

Yes insert rolling eyes. Like a same-sex couple can't support and raise a child? Grrr! All in all I am not happy that they aren't allowing marriage. And this just seems like it is better then nothing and maybe will make it easier in the future. And so I am of course voting yes on it.

Which brings me to the next one...

Another thing up is an amendment that proposes adding a new section about marriage. Basically defining marriage as one man one woman. So you know I was all growly about that one.

And of course one their pro arguments...(rolling eyes and sighing)

"The public has an interest in preserving the commonly accepted definition of marriage. Marriage as an institution has historically consisted of one man and one woman and as such provides the optimal environment for creating, nurturing and protecting children and preserving families."

Grrrrr! Commonly accepted definition because people don't get love is love. And you can't help who you love. Of course again stating that a family is only one man and one woman with children. So of course voting no on that one.

Getting lots of repeat political calls? Check this link out, and this one and this one. We haven't actually had these but I have heard that some people aren't going to vote because they have been getting so many calls and seeing so many negative television ads.

A GREAT SOURCE for political links and thoughts is Twistedchick's Free Speech Zone.

So tomorrow we vote. I am hoping and praying things get better. I have literally been scared and so sad how this country has been heading since Bush has come into office. I have cried and laid at awake at night because of it. And so as I said...hoping and praying.

Edit: (added 7:34pm)
Talking to a good friend, she pointed out that actually the nation should not get involved in marriage at all. That everyone should have be domestic partners but that marriage should be something each church decides. That for our laws of country if you want to file joint taxes, you want the rights given to you as a spouse, you want to live in together in union as a couple then those that do should file for domestic partnership. And if you want a religious marriage ceremony then you go to your church of choice for a marriage ceremony. And that makes sense to me. That is a TRUE separation of church and state to me. Then the state is not involved in the religious aspect of marriage. And the church is not meddling in who wants to live together in a domestic partnership.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Friday Gratitude...

~ I am grateful to Michael's parents coming and doing some stuff around here that Michael isn't able to do being on crutches (although he is now doing a cane and has a different brace.) Thank you both so much for coming over to help us out!
~ I am grateful for the nice weather we had this week. It was nice to feel and see the sun!
~ I am thankful for good food and family to share it with this week.
~ I am thankful for our cats that make me smile.
~ I am thankful for the good deals I got at Kohl's this week. Yes very silly but the fuzzy warm socks are so great. The shirt is comfy and then I got some Halloween decorations that are so cute and I can't wait to use them next year.
~ I am thankful for the mail love I got from my friend Carolynn this week. She sent me a beautiful letter that made me smile.
~ I am grateful for dinner with a good friend this week. It was nice to spend time with her!
~ I am grateful for Michael pushing me to taking the next step with my art - so that I can step up my Etsy shop.
~ I am grateful for the wonderful day spent with Michael. We took a drive and it was just so peaceful and calm. Just what we both needed.
~ I am grateful for Michael...for loving me and taking care of me in ways I don't always see. I love you very much and appreciate all the big and little things you do for me everyday!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Beautiful Handmade Socks...FOR ME!

My wonderful friend K knitted me some beautiful socks for my birthday. The yarn is even hand dyed by her. Thank you so much!