Sunday, August 14, 2005

Fast, very fast planes!!

Our airshow was this past weekend.. Wow!! A little history first.....

About 4-5 years ago, I was minding my own business, when all of a sudden a low flying plane rocked the heck out of the house.. Caesar and I jumped up to figure out what had happened.. When I was able to figure out that it was the Blue Angels flying overhead, I quickly snatched my camera and out the door I went..

As I took the pictures from outside the house, I was soooooo very disappointed that my lens simply did not get up close and personal the way I would've liked.. So I went on a mission and bought me a big ol' zoom lens that didn't set me back and arm and a leg.. Bound and determined, I was going to wait as long as it took so that I could get the pictures I wanted..

Each and every single time the airshow had been back since, I was either out of town, or at our conference.. I became distraught.. Watched several motivational videos and ate yogurt for comfort (ok, I'm exaggerating...) Except for the fact that it's taken me 4 YEARS to have my next shot at catching these guys in the air again..

Yesterday - after 4 years of waiting, the opportunity came .... and I took advantage of it!!

In a span of two days, I took over 500 images of these and other planes and I had a ball both days!! So despite almost dehydrating, catching a wicked sunburn on half my body, and feeling as though I've been hit with a boat paddle, I can say that I FINALLY got the pictures I've been waiting for - for the last 4 years.........

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

10 Years!

Today is Michael's 10 year anniversary with his job! So he has reached a milestone with them and done good public work for the community. I am very proud of him!

Thursday, August 04, 2005


Made granita yesterday and it was very tasty! A good summer time treat!

Here is what I did...

Coffee Granita
2 cups coffee
1/3 cup sugar
Whipped cream

In a bowl combine the coffee and sugar. Mix until the sugar dissolves. Transfer mixture to a baking dish. Put in freezer and freeze until ice granules start to form around the edges (30 minutes to 1 hour). With a fork, stir and break up the granules. Freeze again and stir every 20 minutes or so until the mixture becomes and icy slush (about 2 hours). Serve in shallow wide-mouthed glasses or ice cream bowls -- top with whipped cream.

We really enjoyed it.