Wednesday, November 17, 2010

2 Holiday Wreaths

I like this DIY 5 minute garland wreath tutorial that Creature Comforts posted.

Our front door has southern exposure. And we even have sun(burn) spots on our door. It desperately needs to be repainted because of it. I have hung wreathes on it that I used a glue gun and the sun melts the glue and things fall off. I am not kidding. You will open the door and all the little ornaments...anything I glued will on the ground. It is highly annoying. So this wreath I could do without glue and I have all the materials on hand so I wouldn't have to buy anything. I think I will try to make a red flower on it though. I just still wonder how it will hold up under the sun's heat. But it is worth a shot so at least I can have something on the front door that looks festive for Christmas.

If I make it, I will post photos of how it turns out.

I also have another wreath I want to make to hang on the dividing wall between the kitchen and living room.

This is the Refurbished Christmas Ornament Wreath from The Little Apartment. And again I think I would have most materials on hand for it. I think it is just so pretty.

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