Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

I made Emergency Chocolate Cupcakes with orange buttercream frosting and candy corn for decorations....

A couple more pictures of the Halloween cupcakes here.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Nice Day...

Today Michael's parents arrived and went right away into work on draining the evaporative cooler (swamp cooler - basically air conditioning for the dessert climates). Michael although he has moved to a new brace and now using a cane (was on crutches) - isn't in condition to be climbing ladders and such. So I am very grateful his parents coming over to do this for us. It was incredibly nice of them.

I started my day by making cupcakes. I made chocolate cupcakes with orange buttercream frosting and then used candy corn to decorate. I wanted to take black gumdrops and make spiders but I looked for just a bag of black gumdrops and couldn't find them. You would think that this time of the year they would be easy to find. hmmmpphh! (pictures to come later.)

The frosting didn't set right. And so was kind of dripping down the sides. So these are a little sloppy for my likes but Michael and his parents thought they were cute and said they tasted very good.

After the things that needed to get done here were, we all went shopping. Our town that is not a huge city but it just opened a Kohl's the beginning of October. I have always enjoyed Kohl's so today I finally was able to go....yay! I am grateful Michael suggested it. They had a big sale this weekend and we were just so busy I didn't think about asking if we could go. Michael's parents got me a gift certificate from there for my birthday so I used some of that and got a shirt and some fuzzy socks. I love socks and have many to keep my feet nice and toasty warm. We went to Target after that and got 2 movies - Pirates of the Caribbean and the new X Men. And then we headed to a late lunch early dinner of Chinese food...Frank and JoAnne had it the last time they were here and raved about it ever since. So as a thank you for coming over and working so hard Michael treated them to that. Migraine struck me tonight. I think there was msg in something I ate today and with the string of migraines I have had lately sometimes little things that normally don't bother me...do.

Tomorrow morning I am making breakfast burritos. And then we are kind of just keeping the rest of the day open to whatever. I am not sure what I will make for dinner.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Friday Gratitude

Today I express gratitude for things that begin with the letter C....

~ color: I am grateful for the colors...of the world. Seeing the fall colors right now has made me appreciate color even more. It is bright, deep, intense, beautiful.
~ chocolate: Chocolate..well...need I say more? I am so thankful for chocolate in all forms and variations. It is sinfully delightful.
~ Carolynn: Carolynn is a beautiful kind smart woman that I am blessed to call my friend
~ collage: It is my favorite medium to work in...different layers, different perspectives, different colors and textures...all coming together.
~ coloring books and crayons: Coloring books and crayons they are so fun to play with even as an adult! At time to just escape back into the magic of them.
~ charcoal drawings: I like doing and like seeing other charcoal drawings...the texture of the charcoal on the surface is so intense to me.
~ charcoal: I love the feel of it in my hands....the feeling as I run it across a piece of paper...even the smell of it
~ cooking: I enjoy cooking and am grateful to be given the opportunities to cook for others. (started a cooking blog)
~ cookbooks: They are like a good book....sit down and read all the ingredients, the instructions and beautiful pictures....I can get lost in them.
~ Coldplay: One of my favorite bands.
~ creating your own reality: I am grateful for the ability to create my reality. Make my life whatever I want it to be.
~ computer: well...it keeps me in touch with tons of friends, it helps me create digital art, help me in my work and just allows me to do so much
~ camera: to take pictures in my life
~ cats: Our babies...we have 2 cats and I love them to pieces...they are very cute and adorable!
~ candles: I like to burn them...the smell the warmth the energy
~ cheesecake, cookies,cupcakes: Sweets...all good things that I enjoy!
~ Christmas: my favorite holiday....it is one that my Mom made special and I will always try to do the same as I love that meaning behind it.
~ cider: apple cider season...is here and so yummy!
~ compassion: seeing it around me, giving it, receiving it
~ creativity: I am always grateful when I have creativity around
~ connections: friends, family, Michael....grateful for all of my connections
~ cards: mailing, getting yay for card!
~ cuddling: feeling Michael's arms wrapped around me....makes me feel very loved and cared for
~ Chinese food: For it give satifies my tastes buds and fills my stomach. I could eat it everyday
~ Colorado: where I live....it is a VERY beautiful state and I am blessed to live here

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Awww Kitty Cat Love....

These pictures I took a while back...

Aren't they the cutest?

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Our Trip to North Dakota...Part 1

(click on photos to see a bigger view)

I haven't written about our trip yet and basically it is because I have been so so busy and also sick. We left October 2 and then came home the 14th and left the 17th again. We come home again on the 19th. And then I was sick with the stomach flu this past week and now I have been struck with migraines all week.

Thursday October 5th - It was our first day of travel and went stopped in Rapid City overnight. We had dinner with the Presidents. After checking into our hotel, we grabbed some subway and then went up to Mt. Rushmore during dusk, had dinner and waited for the lights to come on. Michael got some great pictures.

On Friday October 6th we arrived in North Dakota. We did a quick stop at Grandma's before heading to the hotel to unload everything and just relax a few minutes before dinner. Friday night was a lot of fun. Dinner with my Mom, Dad, aunt, uncle, cousin and his wife. And then after that to a bar with karoke. My sisters and other cousin joined us there when they got in town. My Mom sang 1 song, my cousin sang on and then my Mom and cousin sang one together. There was MUCH laughing and when many many many times during the evening Michael and I both commented that this is times we should be capturing on film.

Saturday was Grandma's 90th birthday party and I saw many people I recognized but wasn't sure of names. And many reintroduced themselves and several names I got wrong. And some I recognized right away. My Grandma is one of 15 brother and sisters so there is LOTS of relatives. One of her brother's had a farm not too far from Grandma and Grandpa's farm so I have many fond memories of her brother and his wife and family. And they seemed just the same as my memories of them as a little girl. In actual time to of spending with my family, I didn't get a lot. I got to do breakfast with my sisters Saturday morning. And then I got a few minutes here and there with everyone else.

Saturday evening we went to the bar again. A cousin from my Dad's side of the family who I have always been close too came out too...her and her husband. It was nice to chat with them a little bit. We didn't stay out too late but just a little bit of time.

I don't get to see my family very often but one thing we always do...is appreciate ANY time we get together and try not to make each other feel bad about not seeing each other more often. I am very thankful for that as it makes visiting easier and more enjoyable. As much as I would love to spend more time with everyone...it just isn't possible. But again I am thankful for each second of it. Thankful Michael wanted to take this time and insisted we do.

On Sunday we went to my Grandmother's country church. The church has been there over a 100 years. We have wedding pictures of my Grandma and Grandpa's wedding in that church. My Grandma was baptized in that church. And I have many memories of that church as I attended it a quite a bit as a little girl. Michael took lots of pictures.

After church Michael and I went to my Grandma's farm. It was sold many years ago. The new owners don't live on it but come and stay out there at times from what I heard. The farm house looked so worn and many of the buildings and garden were gone. I was telling some people at the party that I didn't think I had been out to farm since my Grandma moved into town. And that was in 1987. So that was a long long time ago.

I had lots of good memories that came rushing back as we looked at the farm. It made me cry good tears of fond memories but also sad tears...sad that it is gone.

When I was little we I would spend a few days to a week with my Grandma during the summer. I would spend lots of time on the swing set. When I leaned back and swung really high I could see the gardens behind me and I would image being a butterfly....that I was this pretty colorful butterfly gliding among the flowers and vegetables.

Part 2 to come later.

Gay Rights....

Well New Jersey...recognizes same sex unions but not marriage...so it isn't perfect but obviously closer...hopeful to me.

Daily Kos

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Chessie Crating It

When we travel for more then 3 days, we bring the cats to Grandma and Grandpa's for babysitting. So before we left for North Dakota we packed up the kitty cats and headed over the mountains to their house to drop the kids off. Because Michael got a new vehicle with lots more room we were able to get Chessie a new traveling crate. She had a tiny one and we have always wanted to get her a larger one but didn't have room for it in the car. Now with the SUV we were able to get larger crate. So before leaving Denver to head back home, we went to PetSmart and got her a new crate and puffy new bed.

She seemed to enjoy the ride much better! And really seems to like her crate. Now that we are home....actually they both love her crate. I have it still sitting in the living room (3 weeks gone, this week of being sick makes one messy house because I am so behind on things). She is in it more then him but I also believe she knows it is hers and gets a little testy with him when he is in it. But they both take naps in it often.

So here is Chessie in the crate this morning...taking a morning nap....

Monday, October 23, 2006

The Marriage Amendment

Recently one of the forums I subscribe to brought up the Marriage Amendment. It's the proposed Amendment to the Constitution that defines marriage as a union between a man and a woman. One of the tangents in the discussion raised that it is the Bible that makes a distinction for us ... us being society, the United States and the foundation of our Constitution.

A forum participant then made the following comment: "common sense can also lead people to take a stand for the definition of marriage as the union of one man and one woman."

I took exception to that and replied:

It's common sense that also defied the overwhelming premise that the earth was round a few hundred years ago. But wisdom taught the world otherwise. Common sense even proclaimed that slavery was a right - yet wisdom eventually taught our country differently. The foundation of what's held as "common sense" has been so mis-aptly applied throughout the ages by the upper hierarchy of man so that the subjects and under privileged remained in control according to what social order *they* proclaim is worthy for their civilization. Wisdom allows those who are interested, to question, to explore and otherwise question the role of those who bestow "common sense" on the populace.

But if the premise reads that "common sense" can lead people to define marriage between the union of one man and one woman -- then wisdom can tell you that love knows no color, no belief, no orientation. Anywhere any doctrine, any canon , any scribe, or any law that is applied to explicitly *exclude* one segment of the populace based solely on their sexual preference is pure and unadulterated prejudice.

Pure and unadulterated prejudice does appear to be in defiance of what "God's love" is supposed to be about, no?

But thankfully we do currently live in a country of *choice* - and while one might want to subscribe to a party of "common sense," I choose the path of wisdom. It's interesting to point out that while some contribute gays and lesbians as a catalyst of social decay -- might actually want to take a long hard look at the countries that support gay rights. They are not in chaos or out having sex with sheep -- contrary to what "common sense" might believe.

In fact, one might be surprised that when the government minds their own business and stays out of the affairs between consenting adults -- the neighbors tend to get along better with one another. But alas, "common sense" is probably trying to reinvent the United States to become that of the fabled Eden.. ...which is neither viable or possible today...

Sorry "common sense," wisdom clearly wins here.

I'm a heterosexual male - and I approve of this message...

New Look

New template....not anything done by me but it is something until I can design something else. I was sick of the last one and this one was different and works so using it until I come up with something else.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Friday Gratitude

Today I express gratitude for...

~ My sister...It is my baby sister's birthday!
~ My family...it was really good to see everyone recently. I miss them lots and even though it was a short time it still was nice.
~ Michael's family....for putting up with us when we come over to Denver, for treating me wonderfully especially on my birthday...Thank you all for making my day very nice!
~ Thermal underwear...I am cold and they are keeping me warm
~ Scenic Drives....for our nice drive home from Denver yesterday. It was very pretty.
~ Birthday...I had a wonderful birthday...which included lots of birthday cards and packages...thank you to everyone spoiling me!
~ Shopping....Michael took me shopping for my birthday. I am very grateful to have a wonderful partner in him that treats me like a princess just when I needed that.
~ Home...for being home and not having to live out of a suitcase. As much as I love to see everyone...it always nice to be home again too.

Thursday, October 19, 2006


We are back home! We were in Denver for my birthday. Michael had meetings that went GREAT so it was well worth our time to go over there.

During Michael's meetings....Frank, JoAnne and I went to breakfast. I had the Naked French Canadian Breakfast Melt. It is a sandwich made out of French toast that has Canadian ham on it, eggs, and Swiss cheese. Naked because it doesn't have syrup on the French toast does but still ask for it and pour that all over it! It tastes so good! Kind of like a Monte Cristo for breakfast. Just as we were ending breakfast and off to do some shopping, Michael called to say his meeting was done. So we picked him up and then went shopping. I got some things that will be helpful in making some Christmas gifts.

Later in the evening we went out for dinner. I am hooked on amaretto and pineapple juice because of my cousin's wife! So I had 2 of those during dinner. After dinner, we went to World Market as Michael needed some coffee really likes their house blend whole bean coffee. And I was petting a stuffed animal. He told me to get it...

So here is...Spot!

We went back to the house and Michael's brother was there and his nephew came over too - to help celebrate my birthday. We had pie! I don't usually have cake or like cake for my birthday so I was glad to keep that birthday tradition.

I had a nice birthday. Michael's parents went out of their way to make it a special day and I am very grateful to them and all their kindness and generosity. Thank you Frank and JoAnne!

Today we went to the outlet mall in Castlerock and Michael spoiled me like a princess and got me 3 new shirts and 2 skirts. I also had many cards and gifts waiting for me from family and friends. It was a very nice birthday....lots of love and laughter involved...perfect for a birthday celebration!

Monday, October 16, 2006

A litte of this and that...

When we travel or have guests here, I always crash after. It is like there is a lot of energy going going and going and then nothing. And so I crash. I get sad and teary. And that is what is happening to me now. On top of that...I am suffering from migraines - day 2 of them.

I got lots of mail love while out of town cards and packages! Thank you! I am a very blessed to have such good friends!

Michael requested chili and homemade bread....so...that is what I made yesterday...

Chili with some sour cream and cheddar cheese on it...

2 round loaves of bread

Bread smothered in butter....well margarine...

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Friday Gratitude...Sunday

Since I didn't get to do a Friday Gratitude I am doing one today...

And I am going to use the Letter B...

So today I express Gratitude for....

~ Bagels: We get whole grain bagels that are tasty!

~ Breakfast: It is a good meal of the day. I get on kicks where I am crave things and so it will be the morning rountine for a little while. Like panckaes...for a while I was on a pancake kick...especially the apple oatmeal pancakes.

~ Buffy the Vampire Slayer: what I am watching at the moment and I am a HUGE fan...Buffy has provided me lots of entertainment through the years.

~ Beads: I used to make jewelry and now I use beads in my art and so I am grateful for getting into making jewelry and now having them to see them in a different perspective in art pieces

~ Baking: I am grateful for time and enjoyment I get from baking

~ Books: Between Michael and I - I think we could start a library. I enjoy reading, I enjoy seeing the images in art books, I enjoy learning from them and so on.

~ Bread: I am a carb girl and I love breads....all different kinds...sweet, savory, old fashion crusty bread

~ Bruschetta: oh yum! Tomatoes and Bread combined! yay for the yumminess!

~ Buddhism: I have learned a lot by learning more about it. It has taught me to find peace in myself.

~ Beans: LOL okay I know sounds like a strange one but I like beans - great northern, black beans, green beans....very tasty and so many ways to prepare them

~ Barbie: As a little girl I loved playing with my barbies. I had hours and hours of enjoyment in them.

~ Blue: Michael has the most amazing blue eyes. And when he wears blue they are even more intense and I lose myself in them.

~ Bill and Lisa: they are friends who helped me out when I really needed it and I will be forever grateful for them.

~ Backyard: When I was a little girl we had a big backyard with a swing set and lots of just space to play. I always enjoyed playing with my friends there. Greatful of the memories in our backyard.

~ Butterflies: I am grateful for them as they are beautiful and inspire me often

~ Believing: I am grateful for the ability to just believe.

~ Birthdays: not just mine (but that is coming up :) )...I enjoy celebrating each persons birthday...each persons life

Saturday, October 14, 2006


WE ARE HOME!!!! until Tuesday...


Thursday, October 05, 2006

Friday Gratitude...on Thursday

Doing my Gratitude list today since we will be in North Dakota tomorrow and I suspect that I will be a little busy...

Today I express gratitude for...

~ Love - I love Michael very much and am so blessed to have him in my life and for the love he gives me
~ Family - I am so excited to see my family. I love them very much and don't get to see them often so this trip means a lot to me. The video that Michael made - made me miss them more and made me recall good memories of my family.
~ Majestic - For seeing the lights on Mt. Rushmore tonight...it was truly majestic
~ New Car - For having a brand new vehicle to ride in that is bigger and comfy!
~ Leaves - They are changing and the colors are so beautiful....make me feel good looking at them
~ Music - the sound...the feelings...oh so good. Been listening to good music on our trip. We burned a bunch of music before we left so that we would have good tunes!
~ Talent - Michael's talent...he did amazing job on the video and I am grateful to giving this gift to our family.
~ For feeling better....I am think I am on a high about to see my family but it is just feeling like a good day. Got a lot accomplished the last 2 week.