Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Lights

Michael and I went to look at lights tonight. Last year there weren't that many lights here. But this year everyone decorated it seemed like. So it was a lot of fun.

Our tradition is stopping and getting Starbucks, bringing the ipod loaded with Christmas music and drive around. It my favorite holiday tradition with Michael. And I know he feels the same.

There were lots of limos out going through the neighborhoods. We have a couple neighborhoods that almost every house decorates so its like a tour. But just to explain our town isn't huge. It is not like we are a big city. So seeing limos going around through the neighborhoods looking at the lights was...just well odd to me. But I am sure it is fun to do it that way - getting friends together and enjoying the lights together. And not having to drive.

One street there were several houses in a row that had a ton of lights. But the house right before those houses just had this one little light in the window when we passed. And I had Michael back up and look. Because I could tell it was a word but I couldn't read it as we passed. It was an arrow with the word DITTO under it. It was very funny.

We have friends that go around and give awards to people that just leave them at the door with a little gift of chocolates. And I have no doubt that the DITTO would have won an award from them. Because I would have loved to leave them one too.

It was a wonderful night. And I am so glad Michael and I were able to take some time to keep our tradition.

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