Thursday, December 23, 2010

3 Days of Reverb

Prompt: Imagine yourself five years from now. What advice would you give your current self for the year ahead? (Bonus: Write a note to yourself 10 years ago. What would you tell your younger self?)

To try. I mean that is simple isn't it? Trying is a step towards succeeding.

Prompt: How did you travel in 2010? How and/or where would you like to travel next year?

I traveled home several times in 2010. And then to Iowa for my sister's wedding and then to North Carolina to see my friend Jessica. I would love to see Jessica again in 2011. I would love for Michael and I to go away to Santa Fe or another long weekend somewhere. And I want to see my niece and be able to hold her and give her kisses and hugs.

Prompt: Let’s meet again, for the first time. If you could introduce yourself to strangers by another name for just one day, what would it be and why?

I love my name and wouldn't ever want it to be anything else. I don't want to be anyone else either so it just can't think of a name that I would choose. I am me - good bad and ugly. I have flaws. I have made a lot of mistakes. I have had a life that really is hard to imagine. But it is mine and I own it. I am 43 and if I want anything other then I have now I need work for it.

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