Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Eating Out

Michael and I really don't eat out much. It is just not something we feel is often worth it in our budget.  When we go out to eat, it is because we are traveling or we do our cheap take out Chinese food.  If we go out to eat elsewhere, it is probably because we are doing a date and have a deal/coupon.

One deal we try to take advantage of every so often is our town does what is called Dinner and a Movie. On Tuesday evenings the Avalon downtown will let 2 people in free with each dinner receipt from a restaurant downtown.  Michael and I went to see Inception and have dinner at Pablo's Pizza one night in January. I did have a coupon from for Pablo's that night even though they aren't on there anymore.

table at Pablo's

Pizza from Pablo's
Michael and I have been taking advantage of coupons for restaurants - if we are going to spend the money going out we want to make sure it is a deal. So I have signed up for reward programs and emails.  Red Robin and Johnny Carino's are two of those restaurants that I get coupons from via email. Fast food often is thought to be a cheap meal out as well as quick, but really we can spend less, sit down and have better food using the coupons and deals they send us via email.  It has been nice dates out that we have really enjoyed.

When we went to Carino's recently, I had a coupon for a free appetizer so we got a full size Italian Nachos and then split an entree.  It ended up costing us about $12.  We have been traveling recently so stopped for McDonald's and each got a meal and it cost us $17.  Much better food, atmosphere and service at Carino's - and less expensive than fast food.

Like I said we don't eat out often, but when we want to have a treat, do a date night or celebrate something special than taking advantage of deals is always the way for us to do it and not feel so guilty for spending money.

Mini Italian Nachos @ Carino's 

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