Friday, February 01, 2013

10 Years Together

Most couples have a song that means something to them...that is their song.  I think we also have a movie. I am going to suggest that tonight we watch our movie...Serendipity.

I think it really fits us too. Michael and my life touched in places even before we knew each other. When I was a teenager, I would do Bible Camp in Woodland Park, Colorado. It was one of the reasons I wanted to move to Colorado - because I fell in love with the awesome beauty of the mountains. Michael's family visited Woodland Park often when he was young as his Grandfather had a cabin up in the mountains there. So we were near to each other - but not know each other yet. 

Another moment happened almost a year before he and I started talking to each other.  I lived in Cleveland, Ohio at the time, but had a group of friends from the Kansas City, MO area from when I lived in Topeka, KS.  One of the people in that group of friends was dating Michael in a long distant relationship. When I would visit, she talked about him, but I never knew him.  At one time when he was dating her, that group of friends went to Denver for a weekend getaway. One of the friends in the group was man I was interested in. He and I were talking about me visiting - doing the long distant thing and then maybe eventually moving to KC.  During that weekend away, I called him while he there and was talking him when Michael arrived to his room. He had taken another friend to hair salon.  We were just a few steps away from knowing each other. 

The woman Michael was dating is a friend of mine as I said. After they stopped dating, she suggested that he contact me as she felt we would be a good fit.  So he waited almost 6 months before he ended up emailing me. I was captivated from that first email - I knew there was something special with him. Might be silly sounding to some people that an email would spark enough connection that made me write him back and pursue getting to know this man better, but  I am so thankful I 10 years today we are still going strong. 

Michael is smart, funny, kind, compassionate, hard-working, creative, talented and has endless qualities that I  cherish daily as well as new ones I discover even now.  We have made some priceless memories over the years. I feel extremely thankful to spend every day with him - even when it is just daily life we are moving through  It is each moment that counts and each moment with him counts more then I could have ever imagined. I feel extremely blessed to have taken each step of this journey with him and love him deeply and passionately as I did way back then. I look forward to celebrating 10 years with him and look forward to spending the coming years together too. 

Michael, your love has brought new colors to my world! Thank you! I love you! Happy Anniversary!

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