Thursday, February 07, 2013

52 Lists: Week 5

Week 5: List Things You are Grateful for
* Michael
* my parents
* my sisters
* family & friends
* life
* living in beautiful Colorado
* Michael working from home
* having time & ability to do my art
* having a therapist who is supportive & understanding
* having medical help even without insurance
* having gone through some hard things in my life & getting through each situation - learning & growing
* having a roof over our heads and food on the table
* technology - allows me creativity outlets as well as keeping touch with family and friends who live so far away
* colors - being able to see them
* holding hands with the man I love - being able to touch/feel his warm hand in mine
* hearing Michael singing - hearing all the sounds that happen daily
* being able to express myself through words, writing, feelings, laughing, crying,  creating, making a happy home, whispering to Michael, dancing, singing, smiling
* friends who inspire me and support my dreams
* joy in the everyday ordinary moments
* the library - always having a stack of books to read
* the chance to learn and grow daily
* day trips and traveling
* having many things in my life that comfort me - such as tea, baking, creating art, hugs from Michael, kitty cats purring

Join in doing 52 Lists hosted by Moorea Seal.  I love them and it has been not only fun, but really interesting exploring some areas I buried or never really noticed about myself.  #52lists2013

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