Saturday, February 02, 2013


When Michael and I were in Denver a few weeks ago, we discussed on the way home what we should do for our anniversary. We really want to get away for the weekend so started to think of places that wouldn't cost too much and we could get to and enjoy in just a short weekend.

Well you think anniversary - so cozy cabins in the woods, nice hotel with room service in the city or some other romantic getaway - right? We wanted it a little more low key then that so we really toss around several being Salt Lake City as I have never been and it is just the same distance basically as Denver. We could also have some of our favorite pizza while there as they have a Godfathers.

We couldn't decide plus we had another thing to factor As much as we like getting away Michael has his own business and sometimes work comes before going away and taking vacations. I totally understand and we do other things to create downtime and celebrate special moments. We don't need to get away to celebrate 10 years anything we do - will capture the relationship and the love we have for each other.

So that night in bed Michael was almost asleep while I was reading and he woke up with a start and said CHEYENNE  While most people would look at this man and give him an odd look, I shouted - YES! Cheyenne doesn't exactly bring up romantic getaway thoughts for anyone....but us I am sure.

See after we decided I was moving here, I was scared to cross the passes on my own. He suggested we meet in Cheyenne so he could guide me into Colorado so I wouldn't have to go over the major passes. We stayed in Cheyenne for a couple nights as I arrived there with a flat tire. It was a really good weekend - seeing each other after being away from each other for several months. Knowing our life together was taking a new turn to being together full time and not having to suffer through the distance from Ohio to Colorado and not seeing each other daily.

For us Cheyenne would be the perfect place to celebrate 10 years. As it turns out we weren't be able to go, but we are marking it on our calendars and hoping we can go in May which will celebrate that weekend's anniversary.

As I said above we have captured our relationship and love we have for each other in other ways. Just being together and being able to celebrate 10 years together makes me feel incredibly blessed.

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