Saturday, January 26, 2013

Poetry Dates

When Michael picked up poemcrazy by Susan Wooldridge, he fell down the rabbit hole like I did after reading it. He immediately started playing with words to capture moments he was seeing.  He suggested we do poetry dates. We made a list of places to go to that would inspire words to create poetry.

After making a list of these places, I cut them into strips of paper and stuffed all of them in a jar.  We will pick a strip of paper from the jar each week to go to and do poetry dates. This first week's pick was Habitat for Humanity Restore.

I snapped photos along the way to help us remember.  It was an outing that surpassed my expectations. It was completely inspiring and enjoyable. I really can't wait until our next date.  I think it was perfect for Michael too - to unplug from work and play creatively.

Each item in the Restore has a story and it was so delightful to look at them and create stories for them. To see beyond just an item sitting on a shelf.  It was perfect for our first date.

Here are some photos I snapped and poetry I am sure will come later.....

old brick tiles


I pretty much was swooning over the typeset. There were 2 boxes this one was 18 point and the other was much smaller. Both surprisingly intact. I mean missing some letters, but quite a lot more then I have ever seen in a set.

antique dresser with top row of wicker knobs


vintage Singer sewing machine

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