Tuesday, January 15, 2013

52 Week Photo Project - Week 2

Rhonda's Rocks

I have a therapist. I don't think everyone needs therapy, but I know for me I am thankful for the therapists I have had in my life. I have struggled with depression all my life - my brain chemistry is just wired differently.  It is not like I had a broken childhood or lots of trauma in my life, but I do have things that have tripped me up and it has been hard for me to move past those issues.  Add in that I just feel as a person....I am constantly working on me. I am continually growing and changing and it is nice to have someone there who isn't a friend or lover to help be a sounding board and give guidance without some of the things that come with having an intimate bond.

Last January my therapist at that time left for a new job and it wasn't like her current job so not like I could just follow her so she recommended one of her colleagues for me.  We had kind of a bumpy start only because I was scared of some of the things brought up.  But when I reached out again she was there for me and has been a champion for me.  I am extremely thankful to have her help.

I feel in 2012 - really just in the last 6 months. I have been growing more comfortable with myself then I have ever been. I know it is mainly due to her help and understanding.

The above photo is from my therapist's office. She has a bowl of rocks in her office. Some of the rocks have been given to her, some she has collected and she has it out so people can look at them or can take a rock if they want.  When I stepped into her office, I immediately was taken with the bowl of rocks.  I ran my fingers through them and picked them up looking at them - so many lovely shapes, textures and colors.  I think one reason I was drawn to them because here at home I have a bowl of rocks too. Mostly rocks given to me by friends, but some collected over the years. I have found lately when we travel, I have been finding rocks that I feel should come home with me and be added to my bowl. I am glad I see them and see so many other things I have ignored for far too long....simple everyday joy is coming back to me and I have to thank my therapist for helping me find my way back to it. Thank you Rhonda!

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