Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My Word is Joy

I believe it was Ali Edwards that started picking a word for the year. That will represent the goals and thing to keep present in your life for the year. This year I picked the word joy.  The end of last year, I really tried to practice finding joy in everyday.... whether they were ordinary moments or something quite extraordinarily. I found it helped me on so many levels...mentally, emotionally, creatively and physically. Although it didn't cure my pain, it helped me not get so swallowed up by it that I couldn't see anything, but the pain. I didn't pick a word last year, but kindness probably represented my year - being kind towards not only others, but myself. I always try to be kind, but I guess I wanted to take that a step further and be kind towards myself as that one is always hard for me.

So this year is joy and finding those moments of joy everyday. Today I was washing dishes and a moment of joy was looking at my dishcloth. It is a yellow handmade dishcloth made by an Aunt. It is always more enjoyable to wash dishes with a dishcloth made by someone I love.  A moment of joy in the middle of this ordinary task.

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