Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Time Traveler's Wife - Her Fearful Symmetry

I came back from Minnesota with an email waiting in my inbox from the publishers of The Time Traveler's Wife. They read my review online and knowing that people online were really the ones to make The Time Traveler's Wife gain interest and success - they were wanting to send advance reader copies out to people to do a blog review and generate that interest again. And I was one of those people. So of course I wrote them back. And when we got back from our Denver trip, Audrey Niffenegger's new book Her Fearful Symmetry was waiting for me. I read about 50 pages and already know I am going to love it, just beautiful writing. I need to finish 2 books I checked out at the library and then I will finish reading Her Fear Symmetry. And of course I will be doing a review of it too.

I have to say it is pretty exciting to be contacted like that and just be one of the people wanted to have do a review of it. The Time Traveler's Wife is in my top ten books. I reread it again recently and didn't want the book to end.

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