Monday, August 10, 2009

Time Travelers Unite on Facebook

So last night when we went to bed, I picked up my book to read a bit. And Michael asked me what book I was reading. I told him that it was a series I read before but there is a new one coming out in the fall so I wanted to reread them all again. Now I talk to Michael about almost all the books I read. He has heard about Eat Pray Love so much I think he can quote lines and he didn't even read it. (BTW lala - I think you should read that book.) He has heard about Lovely Bones where the little girl is watching everything and everyone from "heaven." He has heard about artist wife that goes back home to help her Mom and has an affair (The Mermaid Chair.) And he has heard about Henry from The Time Traveler's Wife and Claire from the Outlander series who also time travels. It is the series I am rereading. I am on book 2 The Dragonfly in the Amber.

So anyway...I told him I was rereading the Outlander series. I told him that it was the one about the woman that time travels to Scotland 1745. And he asked if that was The Time Traveler's Wife. I said no different time traveling book. He replied that the time travelers should make a facebook page. And they could swap time traveling tips. They could also send each other drinks and yankee candles*.

And of course being tired - that set me off into a fit of giggles where the cats were looking at me like I lost my mind. I just had this image of Henry from The Time Traveler's Wife and Claire from Outlander sending each other yankee candles.

* if you don't have facebook - they have applications on there like meme, quizzes and then some that you can give virtual gifts. And drinks and yankee candles are just a couple things you can give.

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