Thursday, August 27, 2009

100 Things | Socks

19. I love socks.

My feet are almost always cold. Walking around the house, I don't like shoes but I do wear socks during the fall and winter. And sometimes into the spring. And so with the fall coming on, I can't wait to wear socks.

These are fun and cute socks that were given to me by my good friend Mandy. She found them at a place called the Sock Market.

One of my favorite places to get socks is TJMaxx because I can get good quality socks at a very low price. I got 3 pairs of ragwool socks - black and white, navy and white, khaki and white - for $2 a piece in 1991. And they still are in great condition.

This red pair of wool socks is again a pair I got at TJMaxx and bought them when I was in college. So a LONG LONG time ago. And they are just staring to wear through the bottom and I know I will cry big crocodile tears when I lose them. As they are my FAVORITE pair of socks. They are so warm and comfy!

Stripy Socks who doesn't like stripey socks! They are warm and fuzzy too.

One of my favorite places to get socks is One thing I really like about them is that I wear skirts and dresses mostly and during winter I wear lots of tights. But when I discovered Sock Dreams I found they have warm over the knee or socks that come up on thighs. I have several pairs. This pair in the picture is like wearing leg warmers but connected to socks. I have a sweater that has that purple color in it and wear them with a jean skirt. It is very comfy and warm.

The packaging on these said "cloud socks." Very soft and warm. I participated in a sock exchange between friends a couple years ago and got these from my friend Angie. There were 3 pairs in the package - pink, light blue and lavender. And I wear them a lot during the winter and especially to bed as my feet usually are their coldest right before bed.

These are hand-knitted slippers made for me by my friend Kaylee. They are beautiful. She hand-dyed the yarn, felted and made to fit me. They are the thickest and the warmest slipper socks. I am very thankful to my friend for giving me such a beautiful gift.

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