Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Ring of Fire

Sunday it was the Ring of Fire (annular solar eclipse) and we decided we would try to see it. Not exactly see it as you can't look at it. But Michael brought out the child within and made pinhole box.  It was a long cube box kind of like the one pictured here. I wish we would have gotten a picture of the one he made but we didn't.

I packed a picnic dinner and we drove out to this remote desert area that is a perfect place to watch the sun set. Which is what we ended up doing as the Ring of Fire was too bright in our location to really see it.  But it was cool to at least try and it was a wonderful evening spent with Michael. We sat and talked and eat dinner and just enjoyed the view and quality time with each other.

We live in such a beautiful state and enjoying the scenery together is one of my favorite times with Michael. We just have so much fun exploring Colorado and being in awe of its beauty.

Very thankful for the wonderful evening. Good memory created.

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