Thursday, May 31, 2012

Box of Sunshine

A good friend of ours was going through a down time and so we sent her a box of sunshine. I got the idea off of Pinterest. It came from this website:   I like how they did it with the little tags, candy and such, but we weren't wanting to send bunches of candy although I love the idea of taking candy and just pulling out the yellow to give in the box.

So I took that idea and we did a box full of yellow bright sunny cheerful things for our friend.  In the polka dot tin was some gum,  little stickers, and a half circle notepad that had a lemon on the front.  In the little yellow and white cosmetic bag was a little white and yellow brush, goldish-yellow nail files and that bottle of lotion in the photos.  We found a little poem book with a cup of cheer on the front of it in the form of a teacup. The little book was all done in yellows.  It is under the dragonfly journal that is yellow with hot pink dragonflies on it. Also included were notecards and notepad with a bee, yellow duck scrubbie, the Love stone, yellow and white candle that smelled of summer time and sunshine,  little yellow bucket had face and feet masks, and more manicure set. We added yellow tissue, shredded crinkly paper, fabric ribbon, curly ribbon and bows.

It was really fun looking for yellow items. Most things we found in the dollar section at Michael's Arts and Crafts, Target and the Dollar Tree.

The Box of Sunshine did exactly what we intended - cheer up our friend and remind her how much we care about her.

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