Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Inspiring Women - Gabrielle Bernstein

You know I was going to sit down here and say that I am into reading or watching/listening too all these amazing women on the web who inspire me.  I am trying to apply some of what I read/hear into my life so that I can achieve my goals.  But what stopped me for a moment is because they are often labeled as self-help or in the self-help field.  Many are in the marketing field, business and life coaches - helping women become who they want to be. They are business and life coaches.  But really the word self-help is what stopped me for a moment because it can be a turn off.  I wish it wasn't that way. But often it makes people wonder why you need help. These women though want you to be able to discover and go after all you dream about and will help you take find a path to achieving everything you want.  Going after dreams is very healing and hopeful.  So I guess  in those terms - they are in the self-help field but it isn't a bad word to me because these women inspire me even when I am having a hard time with my chronic migraines getting in the way.  The remind me to be hopeful and keep moving forward in my dreams.

I thought I would highlight a few of these wonderful women the next few weeks.

My first pick and these aren't in order of favorites or anything. I just happened to watch Gabby's Monday Vlog and thought I want to share this...and share all the inspiring things I read from these amazing women. 

So today I am sharing Gabrielle Bernstein - The Spirit Junkie.  I watch her vlogs (video-blogs). I love her attitude and well...spirit. She is a bright light.  In this video she talks about taking your passion to the next level. She quotes Dr. Wayne Dryer who is very inspiring also. She uses his quote about being inspired means you are inspirit. She also says when we are inspired we are inspirit and when we are inspirit we know that the universe has our back.  I really like that and feel it is true.

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