Monday, July 11, 2005

A Week of Updates...

Last week went by fast!

4th of July - Michael and I just had a relaxing day at home. I grilled hamburgers and put slices of asiago on them to make them super yummy! After dinner, Michael and I gathered up camera equipment and drove around to try to find a few possible spots for pictures. One place he really wanted was shooting the reflection of the fireworks in a "mirrored" building downtown. That is where we ended up but it did not quite work out how he was intending it too. After getting eaten up (even with insect repellent) we went and grabbed an ice cream cone before heading home.

Tuesday - I just spent time cleaning and such. Michael had to work really late so I also got a little time to do some art.

Wednesday - Michael and I had to be out of the house early - so we grabbed some breakfast before he dropped me off at a friend's house. I was there to show her how to run the website I designed for her. I was there from 9:30 am to almost 2pm -- Michael joined us for a bit so that he could work on their computer as it was doing all sorts of weird things when we were on it.

I always have a nice time with her. She is an amazing artist and so very friendly and down to earth. I showed her some of my art - she was so encouraging. I appreciated that so much. Most of her favorites were my favorites too. We do seem to have similar artistic tastes. After I got home, I relaxed a little bit before getting work on chores and again a little time for some art.

Thursday - Of course was the London that was shaking and upsetting. My day was spent cleaning, doing laundry and watching CNN. We had a really good dinner that night - full of flavor! I marinated chicken breasts in balsamic vinegar, olive oil, garlic, onion, and lemon pepper ...and then grilled them. They had so much flavor and so juicy. I served with veggies, salad and baked potatoes. Michael was extremely tired so he went to bed early. And I worked on an art blog for all my is not quite done yet though.

Friday - Again we had to be up early as I had to be at the doctors office at 9:15. I had several moles fun. The procedure itself went really well. She numbed me up really well. And then afterwards Michael and I went to Big Lots. He felt I deserved a treat for going through that he bought me some canvas', stationary, stickers, gluesticks and a few other odd-n-ends. I also got some repair kits for fixing screen doors -- but I am going to use them in art. They have a sticky back so I thought that would be very handy -- not having to worry about gluing them down. For dinner Michael and I had my favorite -- chinese food! It always makes me feel better! We had a relaxing evening catching up on some West Wing.

Saturday - I called my parents. I have been missing them when I have tried for the last 2 weeks. It was nice to catch up with them. After phoning my parents, I made muffins for breakfast. I wanted Michael to have a relaxing weekend so we tried not to have plans set or pressure on what needed to be done this weekend. We are going out of town the next two weekends so thought we better take advantage of time to have a stress-free weekend (of course that did not totally happen though). Michael decided a movie sounded good so we went to see Mr. & Mrs. Smith. We liked it. Not anything deep or insightful, but it was action packed entertainment. The comedy and chemistry between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt was good.

When we got home though, we started having some problems around here.....first our air conditioner was not wanting to flip on. Michael figured out that it was the motor, so after dinner we ran to home depot to pick up one so he could install it yesterday morning. Then I came in the office to sign online and my computer was not working. Well this computer is not very old, so Michael was a little frustrated, but being tech savvy he figured out that it was the video card that went out. He pulled out his old old computer and replaced the bad one with the good one to get me back up and running. This week I need to be backing up my computer just to be on the safe side.

Sunday - Michael was up at 5:30 am to get to work on the air. He got it all fixed up and then we had breakfast and then naps! I made 3 dozen muffins for him to bring with him to work this morning.

Monday - It has been a Monday far I have slipped and twisted my knee, cut my finger and just been extremely accident prone. I am about to go do some I owe a few people some things. Lets hope I am not as accident prone in there with exacto knives, paint, and beading needles!

This weekend we go to help Michael's parents set up a computer. They are 70 years old and bought their first computer -- first time users of a computer also. Michael is going to set it up and then give them lessons all weekend long. The weekend after that we have some friends coming into Denver so we will be going back and spending some time with them. And also the Hawk Quest was rescheduled for that weekend so we wil be hiking and taking pictures of hawks, owls and maybe an eagle.

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