Tuesday, July 05, 2005

More ATC's

Just quick entry...

I have some more cards. I am in the process of designing a layout for an art blog so that all my art will go there. I then want to get a website sometime soon too. So that I can have more space to post pictures.

But here are a few new ones...

beauty in subtleties

This one was made of some pieces that were left over when cutting up the cardstock. I left them under a few while painting them and you can't see it in the picture but it looks like they have been ran over with tires, brushes and have spots of different colors on them. I saw them lying on my table one morning and decided they should be put together as the colors were so subtle that they were pretty. So started to work by fixing them together by sewing beads on them. Then did a cut out from a paintchip that was textured and a cut out with the words. You can tell the top piece under the beads has such a variety of color and texture. But the bottom piece had more dark colors on the card stock and so even though it has that same texture and color to it -- the camera is not picking it up.


Also kind of an accident....I bought some tack cloth as I liked the mesh texture of it...and for 50 cents for a pretty big piece I could not pass up the deal to experiement with it in art. I wanted to see how well it did when gluing it down. So insteado of starting by using it on a bigger piece or canvas I cut out an atc base. I painted it base color and then glued the tack cloth down. After it dried, I then painted it as the tack cloth was yellow and not an appealing yellow to me. So I had some bits and pieces and added them. I can't wait to use it in a bigger piece now. It was not bad to handle...I think I am going try to attach a piece when I gesso some canvas' today.

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