Wednesday, July 20, 2005


We went to Michael's parents last weekend and we head back tomorrow. But I will let Michael tell about the adventures of the new computer. I will say they did very well for first time users!

I have had a 3 day migraine cycle that seems like it is not going to let up. My rash came back and so we are slowly narrowing down things that might be causing it. I also got some bad news about one of the moles that was removed. It came back having cancer cells...and they are not sure they got it all. So the doctor will have me come back in 3 to 4 weeks and she will take more area around where the mole to make sure they got it all. This doctor I have is the best I have ever had...she has incredible skills as a doctor as well as a wonderful bedside manner. I am very lucky to have found her.

So hopefully soon I will be all better!

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Anonymous said...

We hope so too!