Monday, July 11, 2005

Uh oh -- now you've done it.....

The information age hits the old ones........

I've been working on my folks for awhile now to finally get connected to the 21st century.. One has to realize that they are in their 70's, but eagerly waiting to learn new stuff.. Ever since Dad got my Mom the new digital camera - let's just say they have decided that it's time to become tech savvy in the information age..

So -- as luck would have it -- in the last couple of weeks there has been a sale of computers at Circuit City.. Upon looking at the advertisement, I saw one of those deals that was just too good to pass by.. Yes.. I realize that technology changes at a drop of a hat - but at some point you just have to dive right in.. The time was ripe for the folks at 778..

Ever since that fateful day - when I sent them on a mission of no return -- they have been in what only can be conceptualized as a "mode...." One can say it's a Trading Spaces-type mode.. Others can say that it's a technological mode.. Regardless, my folks are about to join the rest of us in the technological era..

They bought themselves a computer..

So - for the next couple of weekends, we'll be making the trek to Denver to aid, teach and mentor.. It's going to be a crash course on how to use a computer from the ground up.. Which isn't necessarily going to be easy, but I know that over time - it'll be okay..

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