Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Soon to Meet a Friend

Sour Cream Cookies
made for my friend and her family
Today I am cleaning like a mad woman. We are going out of town and I hate coming home to a dirty house and often when we are leaving for a trip things end up looking like a tornado hit the house because I am packing and throwing things all over to find things for our trip.

Most of the time though I am lucky and do get a chance to clean things up so we aren't coming home to a dirty house. I change sheets and towels and sprinkle essential oils throughout the house so that when we come home and open the door it smells good too.

I also baked some cookies because I get to met a friend while in Idaho.

When Michael first found out he was going to Idaho, he asked me if I wanted to go because he remembered I have a friend I have known online for almost 10 years that I haven't met face to face who lives in the area. Of course I jumped on that chance and in a few days I will meet her and I am so excited!

Her and I bonded on a menu planning group years ago. Soon after we became fast friends enjoying Firefly, cooking, tea, books, the color purple and so many other things. In a few days we will be able to talk about all those wonderful things face to face - laugh and hug and just enjoy each other's company. Really EXCITED!

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