Saturday, March 16, 2013

52 Lists: Week 10

Week 10: List Ways You can Cleanse for Spring
* Spring Cleaning the house in general - but areas I really want to tackle:
My clothes (donate what I don’t wear/need)
The Laundry room shelves/cupboards
My studio
My studio closet!!
Michael’s Office
*Shredding paper - something I always get behind in
* My Studio - Listed above for spring cleaning, but really want it to flow  better so reorganize & possibly rearrange set up
* My files on my computer - need to backup as well as purge things
* meditation and therapy - always help me  keep my body and mind
more centered
* Continue Eat well - but review areas that I can make some
more changes to help
* Keep my balance by being creative - not only  poetry and photography,  but creating art - sitting  at my art table and painting, gluing, and scribbling.
* Dye my hair and get a haircut
* Make a homemade body scrub and do a pamper day for Michael & myself

The Weekly Challenge: Clean out Fridge and Freezer and I did it right after making this list

Join in doing 52 Lists hosted by Moorea Seal.  I love them and it has been not only fun, but really interesting exploring some areas I buried or never really noticed about myself.  #52lists2013

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