Saturday, March 09, 2013

52 Lists: Week 9

Week 9: List the Places You want to Go
* an art retreat
* on more Poetry Dates with Michael
* to my art table weekly
* Santa Fe, NM again
* NYC, Chicago, Seattle
* Estes Park, CO
* to see my family
* to see Kaylee & Travis
* to see Kathie & Jeff
* to get a tattoo
* a Buddhist group chant/meditation
* to Crested Butte - the waterfall I saw on Pintrest
* Overseas: Ireland, Scotland & England
* visit more art museums
* this one especially someday: The Louvre
* concert - U2 or Coldplay on top of that list
* to see Cirque du Soleil
* back to Ohio to see my old friends there
* on more walks
* local day trips
* Denver Zoo & Botanical Gardens
* Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo
* more local art events
* to the library

Join in doing 52 Lists hosted by Moorea Seal.  I love them and it has been not only fun, but really interesting exploring some areas I buried or never really noticed about myself.  #52lists2013

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