Sunday, November 13, 2011


I have always wanted a tattoo.  One of my friend's husband is a tattoo artist and she has amazing body art. Covering almost everywhere except her face. But big pieces on her arms, legs and back....just everywhere. Another friend, one of my closest friends, Jessica has a star freckles as tattoos and each one represents a person. She told me early this year that she was getting one for me.  It touched me deeply.  Stars shape as meaning to me too so it makes it even more special to think I am going to be a star on her.

On Pinterest, I look at tattoos people post and collect ones I like.  

Here are a few....
Michael has a nickname of Spooner and so a spoon seems appropriate. 

I have kind of an obsession for letters and numbers and this combines the two so could be a good tattoo.  My friend with the star tattoos, Jessica, talked about doing a kind of henna-looking tattoo with the subtle brown color and design of henna as a tattoo - I think this would look lovely in a brown.

Source: via Darby on Pinterest

Owls, spiders, elephants, turtles, ravens and crows tattoos always get my attention.   Jessica gave me this book called Soul College.   You create cards that have deep personal meaning. Many of them seem to involve animals.  These are the animals that I feel are frequent images in my life that I am pulled towards. They represent aspects of me. 

Words - I would love to have a quote tattoo.  I am just not sure I would be able to narrow it down to what quote.  As I love words. 

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