Saturday, September 19, 2009

Sweet November

Yes, I realize it's September .... but the movie has always been profound to me.

I haven't watched it in years - and yet I've been noticing that it's been coming on Cinemax lately.

It's one of those movies that really touches me deeply and profoundly. It forces us to confront our only mortality and ask the question: how we choose to live the rest of our days ultimately defines who we are.

We all work so hard within the confines of our 24 hours a day ... we pay bills, we stress ourselves out over seemingly meaningless things and we continually grow older ... day by day ... hour by hour.

The movie hammers home the importance of living in the moment and to cherish each breath we take because .... life happens.

So - I challenge you.

For a moment in your day today - after you read this:

1.) Go out and tell those people close to you how much you love them.

2.) Go outside for no more than a minute and just stand there - look around you - and marvel at the world we take for granted each and every single day.

3.) Write yourself a silly note on a post-it ... and place it on your monitor, your refrigerator or your TV -- whatever you constantly find yourself near most of the day.

and lastly,

4.) Watch the sunset ... or if you're reading this at night -- set your alarm and make yourself watch a sunrise.

Live a little, just an ounce of effort to slow down the paces of life.

We all have a limited number of Novembers in our lives .... don't waste them.

*hugs -n- loves to my friends and family*

Special loves and hugs to my girl - I'm forever grateful for every November, February and month we are together. I love you very much!

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