Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Where is the Air?

It is going on three weeks of not being able to breath and it really has got me down. A couple weekends ago we were suppose to go and be with some friends moving to the area. Help them paint, just hang out and talk but with my asthma we couldn't.  Then last Friday there was a group of friends getting together for a picnic where there would be a few smokers in attendance and I couldn't risk making it worse so we didn't go.  

I don't have a lot of energy and just can't do a lot without causing more breathing problems, because I can't get in a good breath. I have several obligations I have fallen behind on. It is very frustrating so I have gotten down. I have had several days of melt downs which of course doesn't help my asthma. Being upset just exasperates it more of course so that doesn't help me but I just get so down about not being able to do anything. Michael of course has been great and understanding. He has gone out of his way to help me in anyway he can. Even to the point of thinking of getting me a nebulizer to have here at home. 

It is so strange - I didn't have to use my inhaler for over 2 years. Actually I haven't used it hardly at all since moving here to Western Colorado.  Then this spring allergies started up and all of a sudden I needed it. I was shocked. I had to have my doctor call in a new one as all mine were expired. This inhaler has a counter and I used 20 puffs in 2 days (2 puffs per dose - so used it 5 doses per day). I am doing anywhere from 4 to 6 doses a day. 

I had a doctors appointment today - just my annual exam. I talked to him about my asthma. He feels it is just allergies.  It was a hard appointment today as I had to say goodbye to my Doctor. He is moving so leaving the clinic. So I will be getting a new doctor - which is why I had my annual before he left so I didn't have to have it with someone new. Anyway he has been my ROCK STAR this past year - helping my migraines and my sciatica. Also urging me into therapy. So without him - I can't imagine where 2010 would have ended up at. I am so grateful for him. It will be hard to see someone new. 

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