Wednesday, August 31, 2011

HGTV 24/7

Michael is working all day here in Montana. He brings the laptop and iPad with him so I don't have access to the internet during the day. We should have brought the MacBook so I could have had it during the day - yes we are geeks with too many computers.  I don't watch tv at home but being stuck in a hotel room all day - I am watching tv - HGTV to be precise.  Michael leaves in the morning with HGTV on and comes back in the evening with HGTV still going. He can't understand how I can watch so much decorating/house shows.  I have broken it up with some Food Network. :)

Source: via Darby on Pinterest

I really liked The Antonio Treatment. He did this kitchen above - the back splash is metal made to look like it was cut from old rusted signs into long planks/tiles.  I want to have that in our kitchen as our back splash.

Watching this much HGTV has given me lots of ideas and inspiration.

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