Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Dinner with Friends

Tonight Michael and I had the extreme pleasure of meeting Jeff & Kathie from Two Frog Home.  I have known Kathie for many years online. We have exchanged emails, snail mail, and gifts.  She has been an inspiration to me and been on that mental list of someone I wanted to meet - someday. So when Michael said he was going to Montana for business and I could come - I checked the map right away. As soon as I told her we were coming  and where we would be -  she invited us to have dinner with them at their home.

Such a lovely home. We sat on their porch and ate a delicious dinner.  Kathie has a big garden and many of the things we enjoyed at dinner were from her garden.  Dessert was a cherry tart that was outstanding that every time I think about it - my mouth waters. On top of all that and  the lovely evening of conversation and laughter - Kathie sent us home with a big basket of goodies.  Her canned Vanilla pear butter, Balsamic Berry Jam, hand knitted dish cloth, cookies, massage oil she made, stickers and jelly beans. It was so thoughtful.

I was so nervous when I would call to talk to her to set up the dinner but then the night before dinner I realized something that made most of my nervousness go away. I knew without a doubt Kathie was someone who would accept me for me. And that made me feel free to just be and that is rare. I know in this world we are just suppose to be ourselves but I don't feel often people can be truly open and free around people. We all have masks we have to wear to get through the day and I knew I wouldn't have to do that with Kathie. And the evening was exactly that way - I could relax and just be.  Jeff and Kathie made us feel right at home and comfortable.  Kathie is such a lovely person and it made me wish we lived close together as I just had such a nice time being with her.

Michael will probably have to go back a couple more time and one of those times I will probably get to go with him.  I look forward to the next time we can all get together.

*photo by Michael - was taken on our way into the area on Saturday. That is Flathead Lake which was so beautiful. It took us almost an hour to get around just one side of the lake.

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