Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Just a list of life...

* Taking an e-course - well trying too - been fitting it in around other things. It has been incredibly inspiring and has had so much useful information. It is overwhelming though too.

* My brain is on information overload with everything I am trying to get in there and remember. My focus and just remembering things has been really hard for me lately. I have to write everything down. I have to save everything. I have to keep everything so that I can go over it again and again. It is very frustrating. I used to be one of these people that you tell me something and I will remember it forever. Now I don't. It is odd the things that stick but the majority of things don't stick.

* I haven't had to use my inhaler for over 2 years (I have asthma) and about 3 weeks ago I started needing it daily. Last week to 10 days ago - I started needing it 4 to 6 times a day. So I called to make a doctor appointment and my doctor was booked up for 2 weeks but they have a new doctor starting there and asked if I wanted to see her. And so I said yes. I mean I can't breath what choice do I have. My doctor and my therapist are right in the same clinic. So last week when I went to see my therapist, my doctor saw me come in. And so I told him I couldn't get into see him and was having asthma problems. He came right back to my therapist office with me and listened to me breathe, talked to me a bit and called me in a new prescription for an inhaler since mine was OLD. (no charge for seeing me either.) We think it is just a bad allergy season but it is odd - that I haven't had to use it in 2 years and now have had to use it so much. But it has calmed down in the last 4 days - so that is good. I just am so thankful for the great health care providers I have because really I don't know what I would do without them.

* We have been in Denver a lot this past month. It was a lot of up and back so it felt rushed. But it had to be that way because of business. And also our little boy cat is having bad allergies too so he is on an allergy pill schedule so we had to get back to stay on that so that he doesn't have set backs. So we did a lot of drives back in the moonlight which was actually kind of nice. And the roads were very empty. But on our way over the last time the weather was kind of bad and we saw 3 cars off the road even one totally flipped. We came out of the tunnel and could barely see the car in front of us so it was very scary. But it cleared up not to far away but it weird because it hadn't been bad and then all of sudden is bad and all these cars off the road and then it was fine again.

* In between traveling, Michael and I had a chance to meet some friends I have known online for years. I have known the woman of the couple for many years and they were thinking of moving to Grand Junction so we met for the first time face to face when they were in town. It was so nice to met her/them. They were so nice and we had a great time with them! But their plans for moving here fell through as his allergies were so bad here. The junipers were making it impossible for him to breath. And as I said above my allergies have been the worst this year so I could totally relate to that and didn't blame them for not wanting to move here. They are retired and want to stay in Colorado but just don't want to stay up in the mountains where they are as it is too much maintenance for them. So although I understand not moving here - it did make me sad. We all got along so well - it would have been really nice to have them here. She does have family here though so I know we will see them again thankfully.

.... So life has been busy. And moving along. Sometimes too fast so I should try to capture some moments so that I don't forget them.

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