Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Quiet Storm

I am alive although very quiet. It just isn't here that I am quiet. I am quiet in all aspects of my life. I should say quiet externally - but internally it has been a year of roller coaster emotions. And am kind of introspect. And it all makes me quiet as I am not sure what to be writing or who I am or where things are at as everything seems out of focus.

Right now is our slow time with work so I should be taking advantage of the down time to be doing lots of things around here. And I just can't wrap my mind around it.

So some good things....

* My sister will be having her baby very soon. If she hasn't had her by the 21st then she will be induced. I have shopped for baby gifts. Which IS SO MUCH FUN! I am so excited about being an Aunt. Every time I think about it - I break out in a huge smile. I know though it is going to be hard to be so far away.

* Phone call with a good friend I hadn't talked to in quite a long time. It was good to catch up, laugh, cry and just share as we do always - no matter how long we don't talk or when the last time we saw each other we can get on the phone and talk like no time has passed. I am very lucky to have such beautiful friends that have such amazing compassion and strength.

* I just watched the Harry Potter movies and have never read the books but I want to do that too. Silly as this will sound - they never interested me until recently when I saw JK Rowling on Oprah and after that interview is when I realized I wanted to read the books and see the movies.

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