Friday, November 16, 2012

Gratitude Friday

Goulash with Potato Dumplings - the dinner I mention in my post
I am thankful...
1. fir Michael doing the job he does and doing it with compassion. He has a job of service that not everyone could do and he gives it his all helping those that feel there is no more hope left in the world for them. He gives so completely to each person...never giving up until there is no stone unturned. In the end I know even if it doesn't always turn out in the ways he and the person want - the person knows they had someone really fighting for them, looking out for them, and it makes all the difference in their world. I am so proud him and the work he does. I love you Michael!
2.  for dinner turning out on Saturday. I made a new recipe and it turned out pretty good. (recipe to come a little later)
3. for it being a good Saturday....lots of movie watching with Michael and relaxing after just a few little chores.
4.  for Creative Live and Sal Cincotta for doing the Wedding Photography Boot Camp. Sal and Taylor Cincotta are amazing and so generous with their knowledge and time. Although it is an area I am not wanting to go, it was still very interesting and useful as Michael and I were asked to do video and now are doing video and photography for his cousin's wedding.  Thankfully we also will be joined by our friend Tammy from Chicago and she will be doing the main photography with us doing backup photography and all of the video. 
5.for those who currently serve and have served in the military. As the President said to truly honor them we must do more. I believe we never do enough for those that serve and their families and they do deserve our gratitude not only in words, but actions
6.  for getting quite a bit accomplished this week
7. for mid-day dates with my love on Wednesday. We have had a super busy week, but decided to take a little us time. It was well needed and worth it.

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