Sunday, February 12, 2012

Traveling ...

We love road trips.

I'm about to put over 100k miles on our incredibly wonderful Mercury Mariner. As I look back on the treks we've taken, to Louisiana, to Minnesota a couple of times, to Montana, and to Texas. Not to mention the countless day trips we've taken or the drives to Denver.

I prefer driving over flying anymore because at least you get to see things along the way. Yes - it's easier and quicker to traverse the landscape at 38k feet, but you miss out on the sunsets. You don't get to spend quality time with someone you love just by talking to pass the time. You don't get to see sites that you normally wouldn't ... or have the ability to laugh freely at something as dumb as a fart joke or something.

Plane travel is efficient and a great way to maximize the quantity of time you have on vacation.

But for me at least, it's the quality of time that equally matters. So to drive 1500 miles with Darby means a lot more to me because that's us time. Us time - unplugged. Us time - without phones, computers and other distractions.

It gives new meaning that it's the trip that matters ... not just the destination...

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