Thursday, February 02, 2012

Memory Jars

These are something I created and gave as Christmas gifts this year. I saw the idea on of course Pinterest - even posted about it here. But I took it up a few notches in decorating the jars so they were more personalized.

 I inserted some little scraps of paper to write memories on and clipped them together with mini-plastic clothespins and added a little tag with this message:

The Memory Jar
Date night, a school play, a family gathering, a song on the radio ... memories that mean a great deal to us, but maybe get lost with the passage of time.  The memory jar holds onto those memories for us.  Throughout the year, write down just a few words about that special moment in time on a piece of paper and stick it in the jar.  Then - this time next year - open the memory jar and pull out your special memories to enjoy with your loved ones.

I am sure I will post them again next year at Christmas with pdf's of the note I included and the little papers. But for now just wanted to post a few of them as I loved making them so much. I made quite a few of them - all of them different.

EDIT - I have an updated post with more information on these here.

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