Thursday, June 30, 2011

Paula Deen Poultry Seasonings Grinder Top

I got a good deal on this Paula Deen Poultry Seasonings Grinder Top so decided to try it out. What really sold me on trying it was when I tipped the jar over and saw all the big chunks of delicious spices. It had big pieces of sea salt, coarse black pepper, paprika, thyme and rosemary.

I baked some chicken breasts to have ready for quick summer meals on salads. So I decided to try it out on a few of the breasts. The taste is not over powering it was just perfect for what I intended. I am not sure if it would have been enough flavor if we were eating the breasts on their own but adding more wouldn't be a problem and I don't think it would still over power but just give it good flavor. So glad I picked up and I am sure I will be using again.

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