Tuesday, June 28, 2011

New Hair Style

I finally got my hair cut. I had almost 11 inches taken off so that I could donate my hair to locks of love. I went into this knowing - it is just hair and it will grow back if I don't like it so I decided to go for something very different for me. Well I did get something very different....I haven't had my hair this short since I was in high school. I am not really liking it at the moment. A little too short. I think I will like it a bit better when it just grows out a bit more. Michael likes it but knows it wasn't what I was going for when I went to get it cut. I brought the iPad in with a bunch of pictures and I did get layers and I know why she cut it the way she did but it wasn't exactly what I was wanting. My hair has some natural light curl when it short. But my hair is so thick that when it grows longer it weights it down and pulls the curl out - making it straight. So right it has some curl to it which I actually don't mind. I wanted layers and it to be a little more sassy but just not this short.

The hair stylist was asking me how I wanted my bangs. And I said to the side and longer. I usually did shorter straight across but since I am going to part on the side I wanted longer to the side. She said "well since you are so young you can pull that off." I kind of laughed. I said, "I am 43 - is that young?" She had to have been in her mid to late 30's so calling me young made it seem like she thought I was I was younger then her. It turns out she did. She was stunned. She kept repeating that there was no way she would have guessed I was 43. She thought I was really young. She never said how young but I am guessing younger then her. So that was a nice compliment. But I thought the whole bangs comment was weird that having bangs on the side was only for young women. When did that happen?

I don't have pictures of my hair yet - because I don't like it. Haven't even sent one to my Mom who has asked me several times.

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