Monday, May 30, 2011

Where Did the Spring Go?

Here it is the first of June - and we're both like: "what, already???"

Work has been very good lately. It's coming in parts - but thankfully it's steady. I'm excited about some changes that are upcoming. Have been doing a lot of websites - so much so that there's a small backlog to go through. Not so many video projects at the moment, but there's so much diversity in what's going on, it's nice to switch from website work and to do investigation then work on pre-production video work.

With the weather changing - our swamp has been on for the last several weeks. Our Swampy is a little old and showing its age a bit. Things are rusting out quite a bit and so when we have water present ... I can't help but think that its time is overdue.

Anyhow - that catches you up a bit on what's happening around here. We hope and trust all is well for everyone! (sorry for not posting as often as I should be -- thankfully Darby fills in the blanks!)

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