Thursday, May 26, 2011

Snow in May

Yesterday we went on a little drive in the afternoon to get away. Work has been so busy so a little break was needed. I packed some BLT wraps and Snickerdoodle Bars and off we went to take a drive over the Mesa. For some reason we didn't bring a camera. I think we were just both so tired and it was just thought of getting away that was important.

Anyway, last year we went to this same spot on the Mesa for Memorial Day and there was a little snow left. This year Oh MY the SNOW! I can't believe it looked like Christmas up there.

This is a photo from last year....

If you look, you can see a road in the bottom of the photo. This year we couldn't even see the road. And the lake was completely covered with snow and ice. There were banks of snow on each side of the road that were hard to even see over to see that there was a lake there.

I was in a short skirt and sandals of course being bright and sunny in GJ when we left so I didn't get out the whole time we were up there around the snow. But there were people sledding up there still. It was amazing to me that it is the end of May and there was so much snow - and especially compared to last year. It was completely gorgeous though - the snow was so bright white. Usually this late in the season it looks so dirty. But they had a snow fall the night before so it was so bright white and looked to perfect. It did make me wish I had been dressed in warm clothes to go out and play in the snow in May.

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