Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Time Away

We were able to take some time away this weekend to have a lunch with friends. Michael has been so busy with work that I know he needed the break. And I have been caught up in stuff around the house so it was nice to get out.

Really we want to go do a day trip around here locally but we just haven't had the time. Hopefully in early May some time we can get away. A friend, who just moved to the area, wants to go with to see more of this of the state.

Also we would like to go to Iowa this summer to see my niece. We haven't met her officially yet. And I would like to before she graduates. :) It is just hard to get away when having your own business. It takes all Michael's time and with how bad things were last year - we are just so thankful for how busy things have been this year. And Michael is just working really hard. Not knowing how things will be 6 months from now we just have to be grateful of the work that is coming in right now. And we are very grateful. But that also means we don't get to plan trips very easily. But it is our hope to get to Iowa over the summer when my sister isn't working and be able to spend time with her and her family. And meet my precious niece.

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