Monday, February 07, 2011

Reading Along

I caught the end of a Q&A teleseminar with Brene Brown today and I told Michael after that I wish I could hear her speak more. My wonderful love Michael said google her name plus mp3. I hadn't even dawned me to do that. Nothing much comes up but the first link is a quality link because it is her site. I have read a lot of things on her site but not everything and well this part I hadn't read or noticed. It is a workbook/podcast to do a read along with the book I am reading right now. I am so excited to have found it. I did notice that the book cover of my book is a little bit different - different subtitle but after listening to her first podcast - it sounds like it is the same book.

I am just so excited to listen to the podcasts and read the blog posts that go with them. The book has just given me so much insight to my life and I have had many light bulb moments.

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