Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Amazing Life

A friend wrote me saying I have been quiet again so she was worried something was wrong. And in fact it is completely the opposite. I am doing really good. I am feeling a peace that I have felt in a long time. I really feel like I am doing good and on the path I need to be/want to be. I have been side tracked by some things I needed to help Michael with but I am just glad I can help him as he has so much on his plate right now. And I know that I will make time for the things I need too.

Michael and I took our change jar in and cashed it in - we had $100. We decided to use that money for us - for a few date nights. Here in Grand Junction on Tuesday's the Avalon theater has what is called Dinner and a Movie. If you have dinner in one of the downtown restaurants and bring the receipt to the movie theater, they will give you 2 free admissions. A few weeks ago Michael and I went to the Rockslide and then went to the movie after. The movie was Serenity. We are Serenity fans. Seeing the movie with other Serenity fans was so fun! I loved it! The whole evening was SO MUCH FUN! We have been talking about it since. North by Northwest is going to be playing February 8th and it is one of my favorite movies. And so we are going to go see that too.

On top of date nights, we had a chance to go to Durango this past weekend. Leaving Friday and coming home on Sunday. So a quick trip but really nice. Michael has been working really hard and this weekend he didn't do work or check work things at all. It was really nice just to have a weekend for us. We just relaxed, talking, walking around and enjoying each other's company which was perfect for the weekend before we celebrate 8 years together. Today Michael and I celebrate 8 years of being together. Wow! We both are very blessed to have been on this journey together. He is an amazing man that I have no words to capture how much I love him and how much he means to me. But each day I feel joy in my heart of being with him. And happy to celebrate 8 years with him.

Amazing life and amazing journey!

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